Molton Brown Gourmand Fragrance

Hello Lovelies

The other day I was passing by Molton Brown and they had a beautiful window display of their new “Gourmand Fragrance” collection, I just had to go inside for a sniff. Continue reading


Liverpool Bloggers Ignite Event

Hello Lovelies!

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of going along to a wonderful bloggers event held in Liverpool that was organised by the lovely Ruth of

I wanted to go along in an effort to get myself enthusiastic about blogging again, give myself a bit of a kick up the backside to actually start working on posts, improve the look of the blog, pick up some tips and meet up with some local bloggers.

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Blooming Skull Coffee

Hello Lovelies!

“I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee” – Clark Gable

Something that bugs me about the Wirral is its severe lack of decent and funky independent places for a good cup of coffee.  There’s a few grubby Costa and Starbucks dotted around but I absolutely loathe visiting them.  Seriously, they bug the life out of me, no one ever seems to delegate in those joints, there’ll be 5 behind the counter fighting over themselves to serve whilst the tables are piled high with used mugs and plates.  I mean, who wants to sit at a sticky table, knee deep in crumbs with a Mug the size of St John’s Beacon complete with spilt coffee stains dripping down the sides?  I’d much rather enjoy an aromatic cup at a place where people really take their time and effort to make my daily dose of caffeine!  After all, aside from a slight partiality to Eastenders, Towie and Peanut Butter it really is my only vice!  

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