Gold Cappuccinos and Scones

Countess of Grantham Quote

Oh I do love a bit of Downton Abbey don’t you?  Save for Lady Mary that is! (yawnsville!)  You can always rely on the Dowager Countess of Grantham to come up with the perfect observation, quip or acerbic put down in any situation.  Dame Maggie Smith, plays this character so well that I actually really think Lady Violet Crawley is real!  Anyway, this post isn’t actually about Downton at all, although one of the irrepressible Dowagers’ famous quotes sprang to mind the day we visited Emirates Palace Hotel for an afternoon bite.  “Nothing succeeds like excess” she once said upon beholding an elaborate table setting for dinner at the Abbey, of course this quotation is originally attributed to Oscar Wilde, but regardless of who said it first, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to say about this experience. Continue reading