Molton Brown Gourmand Fragrance

Hello Lovelies

The other day I was passing by Molton Brown and they had a beautiful window display of their new “Gourmand Fragrance” collection, I just had to go inside for a sniff.


I have to say that I am not normally a massive fan of the scent of a lot of Molton Brown products but I do love the packaging and the stores are always so invitingly laid out that I almost always end up going inside anyway!  All that has changed though with the release of this collection.  


My favourite fragrance in the new range is Rose and Rhubarb which has a top note of rhubarb with a heart note of rose, the base note is a musk and it also contains rhubarb fruit extract.  It smells so delicious, I can tell that taking a shower with it will be so refreshing, so it’s defo on my wish list.  I’ve started to take my shower at night now after the baby has gone to bed and it’s so nice to just have even that short blast of ‘Me’ time.  I think I definitely deserve to treat myself to make that longed for part of my day even more pleasant.


There’s a full selection of products available including Body Lotion, Hand Wash and Candle, my only problem is that this is a limited edition collection, boo hoo!


There are also two other fragrances to choose from, Vanilla and Violet Flower and Comice Pear and Wild Honey, both in equally beautiful packaging.  Prices £10.00

What’s your favourite shower product?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream


Images – Molton Brown

One thought on “Molton Brown Gourmand Fragrance

  1. Margaret Tullock says:

    Makes me want to buy some – will have to have a long around Plymouth to see if it’s available here xx


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