Liverpool Bloggers Ignite Event

Hello Lovelies!

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of going along to a wonderful bloggers event held in Liverpool that was organised by the lovely Ruth of

I wanted to go along in an effort to get myself enthusiastic about blogging again, give myself a bit of a kick up the backside to actually start working on posts, improve the look of the blog, pick up some tips and meet up with some local bloggers.

The event was held at small and intimate Roja Pinchos on Berry Street, it’s a Spanish Cava and Tapas restaurant.  Not being a drinker myself I didn’t partake in the welcome glass of Cava but the other ladies in attendance certainly seemed to be truly enjoying theirs.  It was a really busy event, I’d say about 25 bloggers had made it worth their while attending, so I managed to squeeze myself onto the end of the sofa next to Swish My Swag, Codie from Codiekinz and Sarah from Saloca in Wonderland to name but a few lovelies.

What I really enjoyed about this blogger event was the fact that there was guest speakers, industry specialists there to very kindly impart some of their wisdom upon us.  First up we had the Director of Roja Pinchos, Edward Ridding, who also happens to run his own design and branding agency called byUmami.  Edward gave us some more than welcome tips and advice on getting the most out of WordPress and boosting your blog’s appeal to Uncle Google.  He also gave us the run down on what plug ins to bother with and which are more of a headache than they are worth.

Yours truly unfortunately had to pop to the loo and missed the start of the next speaker but managed to pick up the gist of it later on.  Jurga started her own online magazine called #Inspo, she talked about the issues she faced in setting it up and the ongoing continuous challenge to stay relevant in the heavily social media driven world we live in.

During the break in proceedings many people took the opportunity to try out the cuisine, I chose not to as I didn’t want to spoil dinner with my baby when I got home.  Instead I enjoyed talking to Georgia from Georgiabridgett and Donna from Polkadot Pink, the time just flew by immersed in conversation with these ladies as we shared stories and ideas on blogging and life in general.  Thanks for the chat girls!

I had to leave slightly earlier than the others so only managed to catch one more speaker before I left.  Jayne Croft is a corporate solicitor in the city and also the co-founder of Future Boss Club, a director of The Women’s Org Liverpool and the event manager for the Liverpool Ladies Network.  Jayne must be a super busy woman with amazing time management skills to be able to fit in all that she does, I could do with some tips from her on that for sure!  However, she was actually here to talk to us about networking and share her tips on how to get the most out of it.  I found Jayne quite an inspiration and she really made me think about how you should just go for it with networking, you’ve really nothing to lose, only to gain!

A fabulous goodie bag in hand with products to try from Dr Oetker, Superdrug and Instant Print, I emerged from the basement bar into a very sunny city centre.  

Livbloggers ignite

I really enjoyed the brisk walk back to the bus stop, I don’t get out much alone these days so it really was a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.  That said, when I saw my Mum waiting with the Little One to greet me from the bus I just couldn’t wait for cuddles.

Thanks to Ruth for organising this fabulous event and I’m looking forward to trying out my products and attending many more in the future.

What’s your favourite type of blogger event?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream


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