Trends – All About Shoulders

Hello Lovelies

It’s been a while.  I cannot get bubs to nap properly and consequently have very little time to myself, so achieving anything at the moment is pretty tough going!  Anyone got any tips to share on this?  All are welcome, I am totally knackered!  Also now there is a toothy peg going on, so my poor boo boo is a tad fretful at times these days.

I thought it might be a nice idea to do some posts about trends and so here is the first one, hopefully of many, although who can tell how frequently I will be able to post others, Grrrr!  Still, I’m led to believe that these issues are all just normal phases and in time they shall pass, things will even themselves out.  If you want to tell me differently please don’t, I’m living in hope of being able to visit the loo alone again someday and wearing something other than a black Primarni vest (easy access to the milk makers).

It was whilst I was pottering around the shops, looking longingly at completely non breastfeeding friendly clothes and during late night perusings of Pinterest that I noticed a massive trend for off the shoulder tops and dresses.  The perfect trend for summer, though no tan lines please, shoulders are everywhere at the moment.

Get the look yourselves with these gorgeous pieces I’ve picked out ……..

Dust off those strapless bra’s and let the sun see those shoulders!!  I love this trend it’s so wonderfully summery and who doesn’t love summer time?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

Images from Pinterest, check out my board for more inspiration here

My Picks images are all linked to sources

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