I’m Ginger and Cream.  Yes after years of dousing myself in a vast array of biscuity smelling lotions and slapping lashings of peroxide on my hair I am finally ready to admit the truth!  I am not a bronzed Amazonian bodied supermodel with naturally occurring shades of honey blonde locks strategically placed for optimum glistening in the midday sun.   I am in fact ginger and really rather pasty too but I am proud to be finally accepting my natural form albeit with a few greys thrown in there (much to the delight of Mum, who had always declared she missed “my lovely red hair”) cue much eye rolling and scowling from me!

Hmm, what else about me…..

Well travelled, married, enjoy running (erm,  I mean I do it), cooking, bit fussy, very particular, full of useless information, not easily impressed, I would like to live on a farm but close to a city and with no healthy smells, I probably say erm a lot but nowhere near as much as Steven Gerrard or my Mum for that matter

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