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I think you’ll agree that there was a distinct lack of media coverage about the fashion on display at Glastonbury in comparison with this years Coachella festival!!  The dismal weather does rather leave everyone somewhat limited in their choice of outfits.

I imagine Glastonbury is what a true music festival is all about, a weekend jam packed with fabulous atmosphere, great music, passion, peace, friendliness and of course MUD!!  Years ago I used to go to V Festival at Stafford, when the sun came out it was an incredible experience but alas the rain almost always won the weather fight during those weekends.  The great thing about it though was that the ensuing mud swamp could never dampen the spirits of neither myself or my fellow camping lunatics, if anything it just made everything that much better!

So what to wear then that enables you to trudge from stage to stage, jump up and down to your favourite bands and tackle the mountain of sludge that is the pathway back to your bedraggled and downpour sodden abode for the night?  Hmmm…………..

Hunters, anoraks and shorts it seems!  Yes the Celebs at Glasto looked pretty much like very expensive vagabonds and everyone else was either dressed as a superhero or David Bowie, anyway it looked amaze balls as usual!  I’d love to make it there one day.

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With plenty of other festivals still on the calendar get the look yourself with these key items


Are you going to a festival this year?  What’s your fashion must have?

Peace and Love

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