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Hello Lovelies

Just a quick post today as I am perched on the edge of the bed whilst bubs has his nap (that’s only taken me about 4 hours of trying to achieve! Yay, go me!).  He doesn’t seem to like his “Next 2 Me” crib that much anymore so we are off to get a proper big boys cot later on today.  He wants to snooze on our bed and won’t be moved at the moment, so I’m here next to him with a protective eye and plenty of pillows around the edge of the bed.  This new habit somewhat limits what I can get done during nap times but I’d rather he rests and settles into more of a routine, the dishes stacked in the sink will just have to wait.  Anyway, I digress.

My hair has gotten really long these days but as any new mum will probably tell you, I’m never wearing it down!  Little hands find even the tiniest loose hair to pull and I mean pull!  Ouch, the pain is sometimes unreal.  So in an attempt to avoid having half the hair on my head pulled out I am relying on the trusted pony tail everyday, a look that is decidedly wearing thin with me, I’m rather tired myself but even more so of my new mummy hair! I drastically need some new ways to pony, I’m sick of just scraping it back!  So I’ve kind of become a more than little obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s…..





So Glossy, so pouffy!  I love it, the problem is I just can’t quite seem to get the same look, no matter what I do!  A myriad of bobby pins, back combing and hairspray, I look exactly the same as when I started! Argh, so frustrating!  Please somebody tell me that I am not relegated to a lifetime of flat, slapped to the head pony tailing?  Is there any chance of ever having sleek hair again after baby?  I’m clinging onto hope that there is by avidly pinning styles to my new Pinterest board, which I have given the rather original title of “Hair Do’s” 

Please do share any tips you have for achieving yummy mummy hair that doesn’t involve needing a personal hair stylist visiting each morning!  Let’s face it, one is not a Kardashian nor made of money!

Go follow my Pinterest boards Here and feel free to whack any tips or links to tutorials/posts in the comments section below!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

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