Kate Moss For Equipment

Hello Lovelies

What a week it’s been so far for me!  I’m exhausted to say the least, bubs has his first cold and is battling through it like a brave little soldier.  I’ve had the house up for a good old clean (although it still leaves a lot to be desired if I’m honest) and we’ve had an action packed weekend, though more of that later!

I was up the other night feeding bubs and looking at stuff on my iPad, an absolute life saver for keeping you awake in the dead of night btw, when I stubbled upon Miss Moss’s latest fashion collaboration.  She doesn’t actually do that many really considering what a big fish she is in the fashion industry, she’s quite select, which I think is quite refreshing these days when celebrities seem to put their names to anything for some cash.

Equipment is a French brand with it’s origins dating back to 1976 when it began producing menswear inspired classic shirts for women.  In 2010 the brand was revived but kept the classic minimalistic styles that were so loved by the likes of Lauren Bacall.  Equipment designs clothes that have “FRENCH SOPHISTICATION WITH AN AIR OF EFFORTLESSLY CHIC STYLE”

Kate states that she fell in love with the brand back when she was dating Jamie Hince and started “borrowing” his Equipment shirts.  She describes her capsule collection for them as “What I wear everyday, a little 90’s, a little rock and roll, a bit of an edge with a sublet nod to Bowie”  Well then, just as we’ve long suspected, Kate can do no wrong when it comes to the style stakes.  It’s a bit on the pricey side but these pieces are all pretty much timeless classics and can be your wardrobe staples for years to come. 


Prices from $200 upwards.

These night feeds are going to end up costing us a fortune! 

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo

All Images and Quotations are sourced from Equipment


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