Riviera Chic

Hello Lovelies

My Cannes Fashion Favourites post got me all nostalgic for my summers kicking around in in the South of France.  I spent some wonderful days and balmy nights in Nice, Monaco, Antibes and Juan Les Pins for the best part of the summers whilst I was still donning my sky suit.  

I still sometimes miss the promenade strolls, the impromptu shopping fests at Galeries Lafayette, old town meanderings and the occasional night of dancing on the tables at Wayne’s Bar (sssssh, I like totally never went there ok!)  I don’t however miss the mad dashes to the airport for last minute unscheduled flights, although there’s nothing quite like being greased up in sun lotion on the beach one minute and the next hopping around on one leg trying to get your tights on with one hand, packing your suitcase with the other, all whilst trying to do your hair and make up!!

The Cote D’Azur is no doubt one of the worlds chicest places, as I sit here looking like a bag lady having been awake for the vast majority of the night with a poorly bubs (I wouldn’t change that of course!!) my mind drifts off to all things blue and summery, because a little escapism never hurt, now did it?………….



Au Revoir 

Ginger and Cream XOXO

All Images from Pinterest – You can see my SOF Fashion Board SOF Fashion Pinterest Board for all the links


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