Bjork Turns 50

Hello Lovelies

Yesterday Icelandic singer, experimentalist and all round eccentric Bjork celebrated her 50th birthday.  I say she celebrated, perhaps she didn’t chose to mark the occasion at all, I wasn’t all that bothered about my birthday this year!  I think it’s as you get older, you don’t really want to be reminded about how old you actually are, do you?  Anyway, regardless of what Bjork actually did on her big 5-0, the music industry did pay homage to her having reached this milestone

News like this does have the knack of bringing home how much you’re getting on yourself doesn’t it?  I can still clearly remember how much I loved playing Bjork’s 1993 Album “Debut“, I hadn’t left school yet, but that was to be only a couple of years away!  I do still miss school sometimes. 

I’d always loved to play music in my bedroom ever since my Dad had put an old record player in there with a stack of old 12″ vinyl’s (Bit of Boney M, a smidge of Abba) to give me some company when playing as a child.  (I’m an only child but don’t worry I was blessed with a vivid imagination, a street full of play mates and have never felt lonely at all)  “Debut” must have been one of the first CD’s I ever got as I’d recently just upgraded from a combined cassette, radio, black and white TV combo thingy that had been all the rage when I’d got it for Christmas some years earlier.  I remember it had an aerial and a tuner button needed considerable twiddling with to produce a somewhat crackly picture with lines running through it.  The kids today don’t know they’re born!

I’m not exactly sure how I came to get hold of the album, it’s possible I asked for it at Christmas or saved my pocket money.  However, get it I did and I’d be up in my room for hours singing along to the weird and wonderfulness of Bjork, yes even that completely bizarre number “The Anchor Song” with the crazy accordion playing or whatever it was?  I loved her soaring vocals and tried to imitate them desperately!  Goodness knows what the neighbours must have made of me, a British teenager singing in an Icelandic warble?!! 

I have to say at this point, that I thank my parents for being particularly patient regarding my musical choices over the years, I think they must have spent the best part of 15 years with a constant thudding and vibration of speakers above their heads!  Everything from Jungle to The Carpenters must have drowned out whatever they were watching on tele.  “Debut” was probably the one of the starting points in developing within me a greater appreciation and curiosity towards music.  What it really did was open my eyes to the vast array of musical styles out there and wetted my now eternally eclectic musical taste buds.   So thank you Bjork!  I can’t believe she’s 50!  That makes me………..sob!

This was one of my favourites from the album, a great song, so dramatic and indeed I still enjoy it immensely whenever I listen to it now!  Amazingly atmospheric!


Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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