Coffee Catch up at Community Soul

Hello Lovelies

A couple of weeks ago my Mum and I wanted a catch up with my Auntie.  Always on the look out for new places to add to our coffee haunt list we jumped at the chance to try Community Soul in Wallasey Village when my Auntie suggested it.

Community Soul Café, A Volunteer Run Project on Wallasey Village Road

Community Soul Café, A Volunteer Run Project on Wallasey Village Road. Courtesy of Community Soul

Community Soul is much more than a coffee house, it’s actually a Christian and Community Project run by volunteers which means you’ll find so much more going on here than just Cappuccinos and Cakes! (although they are pretty yum, I must say!) 

A cozy space, you don’t need to worry about dropping in alone as you’re sure to find a friendly face to share a table with for a chat or even get involved with one of the many activity groups that meet here.  The day we went we shared the big table with some lovely ladies from the craft group that meet there on Saturdays, they were more than willing to let us join them.  If that’s not your cup of tea then there’s sure to be something else that’s up your street, take your pick, everything from open mic nights, family craft sessions, a knit and natter group, a chess club, Spanish language exchanges, vintage markets to charity quiz nights!!  Equally, if you just want to chill out and read the paper in peace that’s absolutely fine.

Courtesy of Community Soul

Courtesy of Community Soul

It was pouring down with rain the day we visited but on a nicer day you can sit out in the lovely little urban garden that utilises and beautifies the alley way behind the shops.  You could even grab yourself a delicious Cheshire Farm Ice Cream from the super cute Ice Cream Shack that was built by a group of young volunteers.

Courtesy of Community Soul

Courtesy of Community Soul

Having sat our thoroughly soaked through selves down next to the craft ladies it was time to order some food.  I was particularly hungry as we looked at the small but perfectly formed menu, so I ordered the soup/sandwich deal, a hearty homemade Leek and Potato was soup of the day which was served piping hot in a large cup and saucer with toast on the side for dipping (you’ve simply got to have something for dipping now haven’t you?). 

Homemade Leek and Potato Soup

Homemade Leek and Potato Soup

Mum and I decided to go halvies on the sandwiches opting for a Tuna, Red Onion with Mayo on brown and a Cheese with Onion Marmalade, served with a colourful side salad and Crisps.  These both went down a treat, were lovely and fresh, so much better than one of those packet jobbies from Starbucks!  I can’t remember what my Auntie had now as we were too busy nattering away, but I know her plate was empty when the table was cleared ;-).

Freshly Made Sandwiches

Freshly Made Sandwiches

We just needed something sweet now with our coffees to round off an enjoyable lunch.  Unfortunately that day there were no large cakes available as the lady who makes them was a way on holiday.  Don’t to worry though, our sweet tooth’s were satisfied in the shape of a cupcake, a scone with all the trimmings and a slice of something delicious with cherries in it, all washed down with the hugest of Cappuccinos!  We made short work of the cakes, I didn’t even manage to get a picture!  Oh well there’s a nice excuse for another visit right?

Reasonable prices, good quality food and superb coffee (those volunteers are some seriously well trained Baristas!) along with all of the community engagement work going on makes Community Soul a must visit.  Most of all though it’s the friendly atmosphere and welcome given by those fabulous volunteer staff that will bring me back again!  One of the cafe’s aims is that it be “a place to meet and be known by name”, in this day and age something of a rare but wonderful thing!

I would dearly love to see more of these projects springing up, particularly in areas that have lost their community focal points.  It’s great to see young and old come together in a place that has something to offer everyone, whether it be a chance to socialise, learn a new skill or do your bit for a charity the project is supporting.

Community Soul is open Tues – Sat 11.00am – 4.30pm.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for all the latest happenings.

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

Ginger and Cream paid for all her own food and drinks, well actually I think my Auntie got the cakes and coffee 🙂

Cover Image – Courtesy of Community Soul


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