Fashion Meets Fitness Event @Bodytree Studio

Hello Lovelies

Last week I was invited along to an event at Bodytree Studio in Abu Dhabi for the unveiling of their new photography installation “Fashion Meets Fitness”.  I was excited to attend as Bodytree was a favourite of mine when I first arrived in town and I’ve been meaning to get back there for a Yoga or Pilates class for a while now.  The photographs by Ellie Stott are stunning and capture some of the Bodytree’s instructors in Ballet, Pilates and Yoga style poses wearing beautiful clothing provided by wonderful local boutique The Luxury Arcade. 

Fashion Meets Fitness

Fashion Meets Fitness – Photography by @elstott, on display at Bodytree Studio

The event also featured pop ups from yoga wear favourite The Hot Box Kit who stock Onzie, Vie Active amongst many others and The Luxury Arcade which featured pieces from House of Nomad and Frame.

Bodytree 3

The Luxury Arcade

Bodytree 2

Photographs by @elstott, clothing by The Luxury Arcade and The Hot Box

Also on hand was the lovely Mira and staff from Nectar, the Smoothie and Juice Bar (within Bodytree, on the ground floor) with supplies of delicious, healthy nibbles, juices and a wonderful spread of food.  I finally got to try out Kale chips and all I will say is that the jury is still out on them for me, can’t decide, hmm!

Bodytree 4

Kale Chips, are you a fan?

Fruit Platter - Bursting with colour!

Fruit Platter – Bursting with colour!


I Love Avocado!!

After mingling and enjoying the energy of the space for a while it was time to head into the studio for a chance to experience a taster of a Bodytree Body or BTB Class.  Two of the instructors have created this class to incorporate a little bit of everything to give your body a blast!  Think Barre, Dance Cardio, Toning with light weights, Planking, Burpees the lot! 

Bodytree 5

BTB Class

You will use a variety of equipment such as ankle weights, dumbbells and toning bands during the class which usually runs for 1 hour, it’s quite high energy at times so prepare to sweat!  I was fairly puffed, but I haven’t been doing much exercise lately and I know that after a couple of goes at this my fitness level will improve and I’m pretty sure I will see results.  I had that wonderful ache the next day, so I know I really worked some muscle groups!  I used to be an avid NYLA Method class attendee but I always kind of wanted a bit more oomph in the cardio department and this class delivers that, if you’re also looking for a NYLA class replacement then this may just be it for you!

After the class I was as pink as my shirt for a while but managed to sample some of the healthy display of food on offer before I had to run off to meet Hubs at the cinema!  What a whirlwind of a day!

I may not be sure about Kale chips but I am sure that Bodytree will see me back for more classes very soon!

Apologies for the quality of some of my photos, I was using the IPhone and had rather shaky hands!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


Bodytree Studio – Check the website for pricing and schedules

The Luxury Arcade – World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi (Near to Shake Shack)

The Hot Box Kit – Available online and at Bodytree (Follow on Instagram for new any pop ups)


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