H&M Home Collection

Hello Lovelies

I’m super excited that the H&M Home Collection is now available in stores across the UAE!  I’m always a fan of reasonably priced home wares, especially since we’re never quite sure how long we are going to be staying somewhere!

I’ve pretty much exhausted all options at Ikea so it was with a rapidly increasing pulse and much hand rubbing that I worked my way to the rear of the store to peruse the selection on offer!  Oh my I could have gone to town there but unfortunately Hubs didn’t let me stay long enough to buy anything!!  This time!!!!

Here’s what I’m coveting

H & M Homeware

1. “Do what makes you happy” dishcloth 9 AED

2. Glass Plate 29 AED

3. Cake Stand 69 AED

4. Bottle Stopper 29 AED

5. Candle Stick 69 AED

6. Cotton Rug 99 AED 

7. Scented Candle 39 AED 

8. Pink Cushion Cover 26 AED

9. Flowered Cushion Cover 49 AED

Happy Shopping!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

H&M Home Collection is available at larger stores across their network, I suggest checking with the store before your visit to ensure they stock the range.  


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