Sunsets and Seagulls

Hello Lovelies

I love walking, when I’m home I walk everywhere and I mean everywhere!  In the evenings my Mum and I (Hubs too if he is there) go out walking whatever the weather, we go routing out the old nooks and crannies and sometimes we forget the time completely!  I’ve walked the length and breadth of some of the worlds most wonderful cities and I never get tired of it, never!  I think when you have so little opportunity to walk as I do at the moment you can’t fail to be invigorated at the thought of going out for a blast of cool fresh air on your face.

One place that’s a favourite for a great weekend or early evening walk is West Kirby.  We like to walk along the promenade and then right around the Marine Lake.  Sometimes when the tide is in and the weather is a bit blowy you find the water lapping onto the footpath so make sure you don’t go wearing silly shoes down there.

West Kirby is a small town that sits on the Dee Estuary,  there are fantastic views over to the hills of North Wales and beautiful sunsets, despite it’s popularity it’s a peaceful spot.  I spent many happy summer days at the beach in West Kirby as a child, we used to go with a packed lunch and stay all day, never wanting to leave.  We’d walk to Puffin Island, get terribly sunburnt and marvel at those wriggly worm type patterns in the sand with buckets full of seaweed in our hands.  The weather seemed so much better in those days or perhaps I have the rose tinted specs on?  It just seemed like we had proper summers back then

Perhaps what I love the most about West Kirby is that nothing really changes that much, it’s stays pretty much as you remembered it.


Seagulls squawking, splendid sunsets, the changing tides, boats bobbing on the lake, it’s an inspiring spot and it’s the perfect place to go to be alone with your thoughts or enjoy a good chinwag with friends or family. 

A stunningly beautiful place to be able to walk, I consider myself very privileged indeed.

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

All Images by Ginger and Cream


One thought on “Sunsets and Seagulls

  1. neilirving says:

    Lived on the Wirral all my life and love West Kirby, the dog and I love the stretch of beach from West Kirby to Caldy, its so peaceful there especially on a warm summer’s evening


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