Wish List – 1970’s Suede Fringe Vest from Morphew

Hello Lovelies

Last week I came over all Prinny, tutu’s, ballet pumps the lot, but this week I am going all out boho, hippy chick as I’ve totally fallen in love with this bird/cow lovechild that I spied in a magazine at the nail spa.



This 1970’s suede fringe vest ($2100) by Morphew is available online from ahalife and like all the best things is totally back in and bang on trend!  It’s so Stevie Nicks and total boho perfection!  You can wear this item to create so many different looks it’s unreal, from festival chic right through to elegant evening gown accessory. 

I’ve just checked it out and there is only 1 piece left!  Booo Hooo!  Looks like I will have to find a similar alternative, in the mean time I’m off to find me a bandana and a tambourine!

Peace and far out love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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