We Found Salt

Hello Lovelies

UAE is a foodies heaven, you can find almost any type of cuisine you can think of here.  Everything  from your 1 Dirham fresh, hot Pakistani bread to Michelin starred fine dining it’s all here for feasting on and oh how we love feasting!!

Recently, pop up organic markets, food and gourmet festivals have been rising in popularity here.  We went along to the ripe fresh market at the newly reopened Mushriff Central Park the other week and had a lovely old time.  Offering up a chance to try some nibbles from the food stores, listen to some local talents in the music department, socialise and generally loll about the gorgeous lawn it’s not hard to see why people love these events.  In these cooler months we like to embrace every opportunity of being able to enjoy going outside in the late afternoons and evenings, which is why I am loving the fact that the food truck phenomenon has well and truly hit our shores and is being embraced with much gusto!

Take Salt for example, a gourmet burger joint run from a vintage airstream trailer, wherever you #findsalt you are sure to find a rather large queue of people eager to tuck into their tasty mini wagyu sliders.  Having amassed an huge instagram following of 69k! what started out as a mobile food truck that posted it’s location on the social media site for it’s followers A.K.A Salters to find (hence, #findsalt), has since become so popular it’s been given a permanent home at Kite Beach, Dubai.  But don’t worry Salt is still very much mobile and taking regular road trips to various destinations across the UAE.  We were enough lucky to catch it just outside the front of Mushriff Park (to the right of the entrance, on the grass next to the car park) the other day, so we stopped for dinner.


Salt’s funky vintage airstream

I must say it’s great fun when you do find Salt, queuing up at the hatch to place your order, you get a little buzzing pager to let you know when to collect your food from the guy at the window.  In the meantime you can take a seat and mingle with fellow Salters (sharing tables is often necessary but makes for a really sociable vibe!) it’s all kind of exciting!

Whilst we queued we were given a menu to make our decision before we hit the counter and this helps to speed up the whole process.

The menu

The menu

Each order contains 2 mini sliders and you can chose whether to have double or single patties.  We were a little greedy and had an order of each of the choices, although we did only take the single patty option, a portion of fries each and a mint lemonade.  The beef used here is all grass fed free range Wagyu and the buns are the soft brioche type.

We wait with baited breathe for the buzzer to go off!

We wait with baited breathe for the buzzer to go off!

We drank our mint lemonade while we waited for the rest of our order, I think this is possibly one of the best mint lemonades I have ever had it’s not too sweet nor too sour. 

Why is it that whenever you are given one of these buzzer things, even though you know it’s going to go off you still always jump out of your skin when it actually does!  I nearly covered myself in my drink!  After taking a moment to calm the nerves, Hubs duly did his duty and collected the food which comes in a large brown paper bag, with napkins, wipes etc.

Delicious mini sliders and crispy fries

Delicious mini sliders and crispy fries

Yes, we did manage to eat the lot!

Yes, we did manage to eat the lot!

Ooey gooey loveliness!  Our favorite’s were the Original and the Cheetos Chicken which has crunchy Cheetos on top.  We did actually manage to eat all of these, I think it’s because we ordered the single patties, if they’d been doubles they would have been a lot heavier.  The fries were piping hot, nice and crispy.  Everything is fresh tasting, you can actually see the people cooking in the tiny kitchen through the pick up window, wow it must be hot in there!

Just as we were finishing up one of the staff came over to ask for our feedback and thanked us for coming, something you often don’t even get in regular restaurants.  Salt seem very much into looking after their followers and many regularly return, they recognise that happy customers help to spread the word about this place through their use of instagram and other social media.

I love this dining concept and what I love even more is that through it’s positioning Salt is helping to bring visitors to places that people may not have thought to visit before, spreading awareness of more great things to see and do in the UAE.

If you want to #findsalt you can find their current locations in the bio section of their instagram account.  Please do always check to avoid any disappointment should they have moved on to another location.  They are usually open until midnight. 

Happy Salting!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

Images all Ginger and Cream  

Ginger and Cream’s Husband paid for all the lovely food.


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