Current Mood – Constant Craving!!

I’d forgotten all about this song until it came on Radio 2 UAE the other day and seemed to sum up my current mood completely, songs just have that knack sometimes.  I love listening to Radio 2 in the car, they play so many great songs and continuously give me a blast from the past!  KD Lang’s voice is such a dream!! 

So why was the song so appropriate?  Well, I keep waking up craving carbs at the moment, yesterday I was hankering after those big doorstep slabs of toast that Sayers café in Birkenhead used to do (do they still do them?  More to the point, are there still any Sayers Cafes around these days?) 

buttered toast

Of course I had no bread in, so I decided to go about making a carb overloaded roast dinner instead, complete with Yorkshies, that obviously didn’t rise!, cauliflower cheese and of course pickled beetroot (‘cos any decent roast connoisseur knows that beetroot is mandatory, right?!).  It went down a treat but reminded me that I’ve really not been spending anything like the time I used to in the kitchen!  Phew! it was super hot in there and all those dishes to wash up, grrr!

Despite eating a mountain of roast potatoes my carb cravings still rages on, not surprising really as KD says “Constant craving, has always been!”  If it’s not carbs it will just be something else, it’s in our nature I guess.  The kitchen though, has been given some much needed love and attention, I feel the vibe that it’s had enough, so I think I’ll give it a bit of breathing space!  Excuses, excuses?!  Erm, ok I just don’t really want to go through that again, for a while at least!  To think some people do it every Sunday?!!  They must be absolute gems!

What’s your current craving?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

PS please feel free to update me on the current status of Sayers Toast.



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