Jimmy Choo for Cinderella

The past few weeks have gone by in a blurry nanosecond!  I’ve been in a whirlwind of training courses, coffee catch ups, family visits, long distance drives and copious food consumption!  Phew!  Consequently, I’m exhausted, emotional and generally washed out!  Blogging has been a low, no scratch that! a non existent priority!  I’ve just made a pan of nourishing veggie chili and homemade guacamole to hopefully perk me up and put a zing back in my step!

If the chili doesn’t work then these beauties just might!

Jimmy Choo for Cinderella

Jimmy Choo for Cinderella

SWOOOOOON!!  I’m in love!

You may have heard about the new Disney adaptation of the classic Fairy Tale Cinderella, starring Lily James AKA Lady Rose from Downton, well Jimmy Choo have designed an interpretation of the famous glass slipper from the story.  Creative Director, Sandra Choi (niece of Jimmy) has created the most beautiful, exquisitely feminine pair of shoes!  I doubt there are many women who wouldn’t feel like a total princess if they put these babies on!

Embed from Getty Images

Lily wore them to one of the movie’s premieres and looks pretty ecstatic about it too!  Ok, so she’s just made a movie that’s going to catapult her to worldwide stardom, but I’m pretty sure it’s wearing shoes like this that gets women making faces like that!

The shoes are available to buy online for a limited period only, they come with a rather hefty (I’ll say it so quickly you’ll barely notice!) 2995 GBP price tag, ahem! 

“But these are totally forever shoes! and you can wear them with everything! and you could meet your prince charming in them!, and just look at that Lily’s face full of glee! and, and, and!!!” 

Shucks!  I don’t think I’ve managed to convince myself there, but still, they are ever so pretty to look at.  Maybe I could just hold them?  Yes, that would probably do it or perhaps I’ll get cracking with some plastic jewels and super glue instead!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

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