Gold Cappuccinos and Scones

Countess of Grantham Quote

Oh I do love a bit of Downton Abbey don’t you?  Save for Lady Mary that is! (yawnsville!)  You can always rely on the Dowager Countess of Grantham to come up with the perfect observation, quip or acerbic put down in any situation.  Dame Maggie Smith, plays this character so well that I actually really think Lady Violet Crawley is real!  Anyway, this post isn’t actually about Downton at all, although one of the irrepressible Dowagers’ famous quotes sprang to mind the day we visited Emirates Palace Hotel for an afternoon bite.  “Nothing succeeds like excess” she once said upon beholding an elaborate table setting for dinner at the Abbey, of course this quotation is originally attributed to Oscar Wilde, but regardless of who said it first, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to say about this experience.

I’d been meaning to go and have a look around the very grand Emirates Palace for quite some time and since my parents were visiting over Christmas it was the perfect opportunity to finally give it a try.  After a slight queue of traffic at the gates we parked up and wondered inside, after a brief enquiry with the doorman we were put on the right path towards Le Café.  On the way we passed through the ornate golden grand atrium space and viewed the huge and wonderfully decorated Christmas Tree.

Emirates Palace 5

Emirates Palace 2

The hotel is huge with very opulent and plush interiors, featuring lot’s of gold and traditional Arabic design details.  There is gold and luxuriousness at every turn, It is definitely has the wow factor, I’m sure the Dowager Countess would approve!

Emirates Palace 11

Emirates Palace 12

Emirates Palace 1

You will even find one of the famous Gold ATM’s inside should you fancy purchasing your own Emirates Palace stamped piece of gold.

Emirates Palace 13

After a slow meander we arrived at Le Café, greeted by a friendly member of staff we were promptly escorted to an available table in the vast seating area, the capacity here is for 120.  We had a lovely comfortable sofa and high back chairs around a low table close to the piano and violin player, who played suitably elegant music to accompany the dining experience.

Emirates Palace 4

I didn’t take pictures of the dining area as there were so many people seated there, but this picture shows part of the huge selection of Ronnefeldt tea that is served here.

After perusing the menu and also bearing in mind some suggestions from friends who had visited previously we decided to try the Palace’s signature 24ct Gold Cappuccino, along with a “Club Café Way Sandwich” and the “Light as a Feather Scones”.  We were told by our server that there may be a short wait for our order since it was so busy, we didn’t mind as it gave us a chance to chat, enjoy our surroundings a little more and generally soak in the atmosphere.

First to arrive were our Cappuccinos that were served accompanied by a juicy date, a dark chocolate and a small glass of water, they were certainly impressive, delivered on their own silver tray.

Emirates Palace 6

Here’s a close up of those all important real gold sprinkles!

Emirates Palace 7

The sprinkles kind of stuck to our lips, but don’t worry we managed to make sure we ate them all up in the end! Lol. 

Next up was the Club Sandwich, it was nicely presented, with French fries placed in the centre.

Emirates Palace 8

Finally came the Scones, which were served with Devonshire clotted cream (oh how I missed you dear cream!), lemon curd, homemade wild raspberry and rose petal preserves and a selection of fresh berries.  The Scones were light and this portion was more than enough for 3 of us to enjoy.

Emirates Palace 9

Emirates Palace 10

The service was pleasant throughout, although could have been a little more attentive for my liking, Le café was extremely busy on this day though.  We certainly enjoyed ourselves and of course drinking gold cappuccinos is a wonderful story to tell people about.

A visit to Emirates Palace is a really impressive experience and I recommend you put this on your must visit list should you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi, have visitors coming over or perhaps have a special occasion to celebrate.  We didn’t book the day we visited, the hotel website does advise booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

I’m looking forward to my next visit, there’s a Hakkasan!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

Ginger and Cream paid for everything on her visit.

Images: Ginger and Cream


7 thoughts on “Gold Cappuccinos and Scones

  1. Lisa says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! I’ve also had the golden flaked cappuccino and scones at the Emirates Palace. The cappuccino was a novelty but I’ll definitely be ordering those scones again. They were delicious!


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