Wednesday Wants and Wishes

There are certain things that are considered to be style staples, the kind of pieces that every decent wardrobe simply must contain.  A Biker Jacket is one such item and can you believe I don’t actually have one?!  It’s an absolute outrage isn’t it?!  Lol!

Well, the good news is I’ve just spotted this one whilst mooching about in an almost empty and impossibly tidy H & M store (another situation you possibly won’t believe!)  Ah the joys of weekday shopping in my dearest desert domain! 

Biker Jacket from H & M 29.99 GBP or 199 AED

Biker Jacket from H & M 29.99 GBP or 199 AED

I’m extremely tempted by it as it’s not too heavy for the weather out here and the price is certainly not going to break the bank, it’s not leather but it definitely doesn’t have that cheap plast(icky!!) look that you often see.  I think it will look great open with the sleeves slightly pushed up and will work well with almost any outfit, though I’m visualising wearing it with a white pleated maxi skirt I’ve got.

A Biker Jacket is so versatile and guaranteed to give any outfit an edge so sling one on with your skinnies, your maxi’s, your LBD’s and pair with heels, converse, or ballets.  Here’s some inspiration to channel your inner rock chick with…..

White Shirts and Black Leather

White Shirts and Black Leather

Jersey and Converse

Jersey and Converse

Biker 4

Poppy Delevigne

Biker 5

Black Everything

Check out my pinterest boards if you haven’t done so already, I’m going through a bit of pinning frenzy lately, loads of style ideas on there.

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants and Wishes

  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    I’m also looking for a biker jacket, because, as you write, t’s perfect down here and not too hot to wear:) Love the design and the price of the one you’ve found. Wonder if it’s still available at H&M? 🙂


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