Wednesday Wants and Wishes

I do hope that you are all having a fabulous week so far, for some of you this will be your hump day but I am pleased to say that yesterday was ours and tomorrow is our Friday, thank goodness!  Hubs has been ill, coughing and what not all week, it’s fair to say not a lot of sleep has been had and so I’m looking forward to a nice, chilled weekend to recharge our batteries.

This week I am still in wintery wardrobe mode and have got myself all in a tiss over boots!  I just love boots, I’ve got a bit of an obsession about them actually.  I used to look forward to winter every year and go out shopping for a new beautiful pair, almost as soon as I’d brought them I would spy another pair, just as gorgeous calling out for me to buy them.  Aaah I never could resist you, damn you, boots!

These days of course my boot collection has seriously dwindled, this not being the kind of place that often calls for swaddling ones legs in leather (I just had an image of that episode of friends then, you know “the one were Ross wears the leather trousers!”, LOL) I have only a pair of Marant Bobbies and some Leopard print ankle types to my name, sniff sniff!  I know, I know!  I’m hardly badly done to, but, it’s just not fair to have all these lovely boots thrown in my face as the winter themed fashion shoots and campaigns abound!  Don’t they know it’s still too hot here for boots?!  I want to stamp my feet and put my bottom lip out, but in view of the fact it’ll not make a blind bit of difference, I shall just use my energy to drool over these lovelies instead.  Oh and did I mention, I don’t just want boots, they absolutely must be a shade of grey (no not 50!) and grey only!!  Until I spot my next pair that is! 

Here’s some inspiration for you….

Grey Boots 1

Grey Boots 3

Grey Boots 5

Grey Boots 2

Here’s my pick of the best grey boots around at the moment

Boots 6

Gianvito Rossi – Suede over the knee heels (currently out of stock on Net-A-Porter, let’s hope for more soon!)


Boots 7

Gianvito Rossi – $1,595 via Net-A-Porter – A sensual grey suede dream


Boots 8

Stuart Weitzman – Lowland Boot – $785 The Fashionista Favourite – Miss Moss’s go to OTK Boots are surprisingly affordable!


Boots 9

Tabitha Simmons – Harmony Scalloped Ankle Boot Approx $1300 – Gorgeous detailing makes this boot stand out from the rest


Boots 9

Jimmy Choo – Mendez 625 Euro – Simply chic!


Boots 11

River Island – Grey leather low heeled boots, 85 GBP – A great all rounder and every day style option at an extremely reasonable price!

Right I’m going to drag myself off to make my face up for a wee soiree this evening, so ciao for now!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

All images are linked to sources and websites



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