Wednesday Wants and Wishes

This week Hubs and I have kick started our get fit and loose about a million kilos plan, which basically involves us dragging our backsides to the gym each night to be put through our paces (READ, ever so mildly tortured) by the in-house trainer whose repertoire of encouraging phrases include classics such as “keep going, it’s easy and that’s not running that’s jogging!”  Still he has promised us results and so through gritted teeth we will “keep going!”

I was in the midst of losing myself and the feeling in my feet during last nights 10km cycle when I very abruptly came out of the exercised induced state of nothingness I’d gotten myself into.  A vision flashed before my eyes of this weeks Wants and Wishes, snapping me right out of the void and back into this world.  For once it’s not fashion related and only costs a relatively small fortune in comparison with, say a new pair of Loubies, I should think you would have to double the price a few hundred times over to cover even the smallest Celine bag.

My vision is probably living proof of the theories that say don’t deprive yourself of anything, you’ll only binge and undo all the good you’ve done!  Quick as a flash I looked around and shouted across the gym to Hubster “I want a big massive bag of Fish and Chips, with white Warburton’s bread, mushy peas and loads of vinegar!” in a voice that sounded rather like a Dalek.  (Thank goodness everyone had their earphones in, else they may have discovered they were working out in the same room with a women who is clearly as mad as a box of frogs!)  In the very least, had they heard me they may also have succumbed to who knows how many equally distressing visions of disgustingly delicious bad for you(ness!)  Thank you Dr Dre for saving them!  

In short what I want this week is this….


Fish and Chips down Parkgate front

Preferably sitting on the wall, legs dangling, with a view like this.

Parkgate, Wirral looking over the River Dee to North Wales

Parkgate, Wirral looking over the River Dee to North Wales

I shall just have to want it seems, I’ll tuck into my pea and feta salad (at least there’s peas in it) instead, I do hope I don’t have any other lip smackingly greasy visions at spinning class tonight!

That’ll be all then, toodleloo!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

Ginger and Cream last enjoyed Fish and Chips what seems like an eternity ago from Parkgate Takeway.  She sometimes partakes in same said dish from Georgio’s Fish and Chips also enjoying them immensely!


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