Running Track #3


I’ve been away for a bit as it was my birthday and I was busy getting treats from the husband and all that jazz!  Yay!!

It seems some of that jazz included eating all and sundry so workouts are well and truly back on big stylie!  I was having a lovely trot to this one earlier, so go forth and enjoy or indeed torture yourself listening to it! BTW, of course it’s an oldie but goodie 😉

I’m off out shopping for all kinds of fruit and veggie goodness but will be back later to get cracking on some new posts, hopefully!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

P.S You’ve got to love the bit about 1.50 mins in when Jim Kerr makes the mistake of giving his hand to a crazed fan and spends quite some time trying to get it back out of their grasp!  Oh and his black slip on/white socks combo and well just all of it ain’t it really?!


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