My Guilty Pleasure is back!

I woke up the other morning all excited that about watching an episode of my favourite guilty pleasure and then I realised it was still actually Sunday, MEH!  It really is pesky how the weekends are at different times here, I’m still totally back on my Sat/Sun vibe!  Inevitable really I suppose since I’ve spent all but 4 years of my life believing those days to absobleedinglutely be the weekend!  I had to rather sulkily swap channels for an Easties catch up instead.

So what’s my guilty viewing pleasure?  Oh go on then I’ll tell you, I don’t think I’ll have to kill you as I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this one! 

It’s TOWIE!!!  OMG how much I love this programme, I just cannot tell you why, no really I actually can’t.  Lord knows I completely shouldn’t and yet I completely and utterly do!  Please don’t ask me to explain it’s just one of life’s wonders I guess, It totally makes my day! 

Embed from Getty Images

Chloe and Ell made the mistake of smiling and getting stuck like that

This series I am hooked on the Chloe/Elliot saga, I’m hating Toms slick backed hair do, I’m missing Joey Essex and loving Bobby’s fab one liners as per usual.  The tans, the teeth, the botox and the mugging off is insanely addictive. 

Embed from Getty Images

Bobby Cole Norris showing off his tan and teeth

 I know it’s a total cheese fest and often features completely fabricated dramas, but I really can’t help but like it all the same.

If they ever stop this programme I think I shall stamp my feet and cry.

Are you a closet TOWIE fan or have you got any rather dubious guilty TV pleasures?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO

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