Mary Kantrantzou for Adidas Originals


AdidasQ_AHello Lovelies

Mary Kantrantzou the Greek born womenswear designer, famed for her hyper coloured and kaleidoscopic patterns has joined forces with Adidas Originals for a collection that will be in stores from 15th November 2014.


Mary Kantrantzou for Adidas Originals

Born to an interior designer mother and a textile designer father it’s little wonder that Mary took herself off to America to study before switching across the pond to London to take a BA in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins (what Hogwarts is to Wizards, Central Saint Martins is to Fashion Designers!)  During the course of her studies Mary found her calling and shifted towards womenswear design with a focus on print, seems as though it was written in the stars!  She was awarded an MA in Fashion with distinction and has since gone on to participate in many collaboration projects alongside the running her own label.

mary kantrantzou for adidas

Mary Kantrantzou for Adidas Originals 2014

Track shoes from the 1970’s and 80’s were the starting point for this collection which also includes zip up dresses, pullovers and jackets in highly patterned neoprene and mesh fabrics.

When I was a teenager going through my “Trackie” phase I had rather a penchant for all things Adidas, a friend and I had what we thought were AMAZING black, white and green three striped elasticated waist windbreakers that we wore to death (I mean it! I think I would have slept in it if I could!)  I tried to find a pic of it but alas, it seems it was so popular that none have managed to survive to enter the vintage market, I think I’ll dig out my Stan Smiths or Gazelles and wear them as a tribute to it’s fond memory. 

What we wouldn’t have given for this Kantrantzou jacket though!  I suspect we would have saved up all our dinner money, delivered some papers and got a Saturday job.  Those were the days, how times have changed!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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