Running Track #1

Hello Lovelies,

I’m about two and a half weeks back into working out and watching what we eat after a fairly lengthy break.  Exercise can often feel like a chore to me, but once I’m into the swing of it all I get addicted.  It’s amazing how quickly I start to feel so much stronger and brighter in general!  I really feel bad when I miss a session, which is good as it means I keep going back for more! 

I’m working out in a few different ways at the moment, which I will share with you later on, but running is just one of them.  I’ve never been a prolific runner by any means but for a while back there I was doing quite well and building up my stamina towards a 10k.  Whilst I am not completely back at zero there is still a long open road ahead of me (ain’t that just a great feeling?)  I’m hoping that the euphoria and sense of achievement I feel from running will keep me going and motivate me to get back up to speed.

Something else that keeps my legs moving forward is music, so I thought I would share what I’m currently running to and the tracks that give me the push I need to carry on when it feels like I’ve had enough.  You may deduce from my choices that I am perhaps stuck in a musical time warp, however, I will argue all day that it’s a blooming good one to find oneself stuck!

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Because if it’s good enough for Forrest, it’s good enough for me!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO



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