Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign – Photographed by Tim Walker

Hello Lovelies

Cara Delevingne is back!  Well let’s face actually she’s not been away really has she? She is everywhere and seems to be the face of everything at the moment, her popularity shows no sign of waning either!  So when I say she is back, well, what I really mean is that it’s time for the new Autumn/Winter 2014 Mulberry ad campaign.

I always love the Mulberry campaigns and this one is no exception!  Working once again with Photographer Tim Walker, Cara D and all things Mulberry decamped to the stunning and mesmirising beauty of the Scottish Highlands for the shoot, the location was chosen because “the landscape represents the rolling hills and magnificence of the British Isles, Mulberry’s home and the inspiration for so many seasons”.  In fact the entire Autumn/Winter 2014 collection has been inspired by the wonderful array of rich colours the British countryside holds at this time of the year, earthy, robust tones of Oak, Misty Grey, lush deep Greens and Oxblood feature heavily.


Cara Delevingne for Mulberry A/W 2014, shot by Tim Walker

This season marks the introduction of the new Tessie Collection, the Satchel version is pictured above, there is also a Hobo and Tote in winter colours to choose from.  I have a few Mulberry bags myself but it’s actually been a while since something really grabbed me (aside from the Kensal, which frustratingly still eludes me in my chosen colour!) but this Satchel in Oak is going on my wish list.  I have quite a lot of larger bags and have wanted something smaller and more city friendly for ages and this fits the bill, it’s that simple!


Cara Delevingne for Mulberry A/A 2014 by Tim Walker

Aside from the bags, the campaign also highlights key pieces from the seasons clothing collection, it’s all about woolen knee highs, very British Brogues, Tartan and chunky Aran knits, that could almost give my dearly departed Scottish Nana’s (may God bless her) hand knitted Christmas presents a run for their money.

Cara Delevingne for Mulberry A/W 2014 Campaign - Shot by Tim Walker

Cara Delevingne for Mulberry A/W 2014 Campaign – Shot by Tim Walker

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mulberry campaign without some furry friends now would it?!  This season it’s out with the Cockatoo and in with more suitable countryside dwellers such as Pheasants. Bunnies and Dogs, all happily frolicking amidst the rolling green hills.

Cara D for Mulberry A/W 2014 - by Tim Walker

Cara D for Mulberry A/W 2014 – by Tim Walker

Perhaps I love this campaign so much because it’s super hot here at the moment.  When I look at these shots I can almost catch a whiff of rain in the air, the grass and the mud.  It’s funny how you spend so much time moaning about rain and then end up missing it so! 

My love for Mulberry has been reignited, in particularly by that Tessie Satchel.  This collection is making me want to crank the AC up to max in order to create a cold enough climate to warrant me making multiple purchases, or perhaps it’s just time to book a flight home?

Are you back in love with Mulberry?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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Tim Walker

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2 thoughts on “Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2014 Ad Campaign – Photographed by Tim Walker

    • gingerandcream says:

      Thanks for stopping by Gabrielle. Yes, it’s such a serene set of images, perhaps the surroundings rubbed off on everyone. It’s certainly a lot more calm that the last campaign with that menagerie of animals having afternoon tea! Lol

      Already followed 😉 thanks dear x


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