Chanel Cruise 2015 in Dubai

Hello Lovelies!

Last week Karl Lagerfeld graced our shores with his presence for the unveiling of his new Cruise 2015 Collection for Chanel.  One was not invited, which could only be due to an oversight, because of course, if Choupette had known I was living here then mine would have been the first name she purred when compiling the invitation list.  If she wasn’t such classy Cat she would be spitting feathers about it right now, a travesty indeed.  I’ve had a pair of Chanel Sunglasses for nigh on 20 years that fact alone should have secured me an invite, right? Erm, nope!

What did we mere mortals miss out on then?  Well apparently it was all the typical grand and lavishness we would expect from the Parisian design house colossus.  Guests were transported from the mainland to a private island off the coast in miniature Dhows equipped with exotic red sails.  Chanel had spent the past couple of months and a not so small fortune transforming the island into its vision of Arabia – so that would be Palm Trees, Shisha, Tents, Cushions and Candles then? Hmmm…..of course!  They also created a custom made structure for the runway show that incorporated both Arabian traditions and those famous interlocking C’s.  Invitees grazed on mouthwatering something or other, etc, you get the picture. What about the clothes, what about the blinking clothes????!!!!

Here’s my favourite looksChanel cruise 1

It was all a bit 70’s in the hair and makeup department with backcombed bouffants adorned with crescent moons or interlocking C’s and thick black eyeliner.  Harem pants in sheer fabrics paired with variants of the couturier’s classic tweed ensured the looks were unmistakably Chanel.

Chanel Cruise 2

There were nods to the host country with middle eastern inspired necklaces, bracelets, embroidery (some hemlines were embroidered with Dubai’s skyscraper skyline!) and prints.  I particularly loved the floaty print dress on the right and shall be searching out something similar for sure.

Chanel Cruise 3

This was my overall favourite look.  I just love the casual elegance of it, the fabric incorporates the tweed but looks light which is perfect for the slightly cooler winter months here and I don’t really like to show my legs so this is just perfect for me.  Those colours, those shoes, those bracelets, that jacket!!!  Serious Swoonage!  I might just let Choupette send me that over by way of an apology!  Well, of course, one can dream!!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


Photo CreditsGianni Pucci / via


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