Floral Fabulousness! – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet


Hello My Lovelies!

Gosh, I have barely looked at my blog since my last post, I have been a busy wee Bee and so consequently poor Ginger and Cream has been slightly neglected.  Here I am back to try and remedy that.  Since I’ve been gone I’ve been trying out all manner of workouts (more of that later), visiting Dubai and dancing to Lionel Richie (all night long!) to name but a few things!

When we lived in KSA I almost given up all my usual working out and pampering towards the end of our stay there and so I am finally getting back into it all.  When we arrived here, I had ran out of perfume completely and had been using one of those Victoria’s Secret body spritzes instead.  I guess I didn’t want to buy too much as it would add to my packing and we all know that I already had enough of that to deal with! LOL! 

Settling into our new desert country, you might expect there to be a whole lot of arranging and organising to be done.  One of the first things I actually did however, was go and get myself some new scent!  Yes, I have absolutely got my priorities right!  Our 7 suitcases stacked up in a corner, no fixed abode and there I am down at the perfumery sniffing pieces of white card all day!  Anyway, it’s important to smell nice and a Victoria’s Secret spritz just wasn’t going to cut the mustard here.  When my nose could sniff no longer, I finally plumped for a bottle of the latest Miss Dior fragrance – Blooming Bouquet.

Light and Floral - Perfect everyday perfume

Light and Floral – Perfect everyday perfume

I don’t generally go for florally perfumes but this one is lovely for everyday use, for evenings I like something a little bit heavier.  This is a very light and fresh scent that puts a spring in my step whenever I apply it.  I totally fell in love with the bottle as it’s just super cute and looks so ladylike on the dressing table.  According to the folks at Dior they have combined Mandarin, Peony, White Musk and Rose Damascus to create this scent in order to pay homage to the label founder Christian Dior and his great love of flowers.

The bottle itself is so lovely

The bottle itself is so lovely

Blooming Bouquet matches the lovely weather we are having here perfectly.  It’s reminiscent of spring meadows, blue skies and dewy flowers to me and I am glad I made a bit of a departure from what I would normally go for to purchase it because it really does lift my mood.  It will definitely be staying on my perfume rotation for some time to come.  Here’s the beautiful face of Dior, Natalie Portman starring in the short film that accompanies the ad campaign which was directed by Sofia Coppola ……

It’s just gorgeous, lush, loveliness really isn’t it?

What’s your scent of the moment?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO



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