Wednesday Wants and Wishes…….Pretty Please!

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Hello Lovelies!

It’s back as promised!  I’ve had a little bit of a chance to get out and about, finding my feet in our new part of the desert.  The weather is just so lovely at the moment but I think it is well on the way to getting hot, hot, hot!!  Just now though we are still holding onto the best parts of springtime, the mornings are fresh and the sun is shining!  It never ceases to amaze me just how much a bit of sunshine can perk you right up, it’s so good for the soul!  There are beautiful flowers everywhere, little birdies tweeting and lot’s of exotic smells wafting through the air.

I’ve got a renewed energy and a bounce to my step!  This place has made me want to embrace all things spring, pastel and pretty!  Earlier on I was doing a bit of mall mooching (old habits die hard!) when I came across this lovely Dior spring make up collection in Paris Gallery.


Dior Trianon Edition Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 collection, entitled Trianon, is as you may tell by the styling of the campaign, inspired by all things Marie-Antoinette.  In fact, the Petit Trianon was her private estate away from the scrutiny of the royal court.  The French Queen’s palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and Dior have drawn upon them and the atmosphere of Versaille, to create new yummy shades for some of their must have products.  The label’s founder Christian Dior was said to have adored Marie-Antoinette, so there is a close connection to the design house.  The accompanying campaign features a model with hair piled high, adorned with powdery coloured wild roses, pastel blue eyes and peachy lips.


Now I’m not one for blue eye shadow myself, the model manages to pull the look off beautifully, but I think I would look a bit too 80’s Flight Attendant in it.  So here’s exactly what’s on my wish list instead…..

dior trianon

Dior Vernis Trianon Edition – 187 Perle This is a lovely frosted nail polish, which will be perfect with my soon to be gotten tan!

Dior 5 Couleurs Trianon Edition – 954 Pink Pompadour Aside from the fabulous name of this eye shadow selection, I think the colours are great for either a lighter day time look or for building up into a layered smokier eye for evening, plus they are not quite as scary as a full on blue eye!

The powdery pastel colour palette was also in evidence in some of the pieces from the Label’s Spring/Summer catwalk shows.

dior couture 2

Christian Dior Pre Spring/Summer 2014 via Vogue 

dior couture

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014 via Vogue

I am absolutely full of the joys of spring!  How about you guys?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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Ginger and Cream


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