Paddington Bear for Baby Gap

Hello Lovelies!

I do hope you are all well?  I have had a busy couple of days and so have not managed to post as often as I would have liked this week.  Never mind tomorrow as they say, is another day!

I think I must have signed up to receive emails from Gap at some point.  I vaguely remember being persuaded to fill something out in exchange for a discount once in the Oxford Street store.  I don’t always open them, but the other day one came through and it was just too cute.  So I had to share with you, Baby Gap have just launched a new limited edition collection by Paddington Bear!  I loved Paddington when I was little, so I am pleased to see that he is still as lovable and popular as ever!

Now I don’t have any little bundles as yet, but a few friends do and there are a couple with storks on the way.  These will make such adorable gifts!

Paddington Bear for Baby Gap (300x300) (4)

1. Printed Toggle Poncho for girls 24.99

2. Paddington TM Book by Michael Bond 10.95

3. Rain Parka 29.95

4. Polka Dot One Piece 14.95

5. Rain Boots  19.95

6. Sherpa Boots – Deerfield – Sold Out 😦

7. Cuffed Graphic T 9.95

8. Plaid Roll Up One Piece 16.95

These are my favourite pieces, the collection includes a wide variety of items for babies and toddlers including socks, hats, babygrows (or should that be onesies these day?) and shoes.  I can’t resist the cuteness!

Are you or anyone you know expecting?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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5 thoughts on “Paddington Bear for Baby Gap

  1. anna says:

    I could dress Ravi up like a little bear i suppose, as long as its not Winnie the Pooh. Honestly cant stand that bear, and his little friends either!xxx


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