The attack of the ironing board!


Hello Peeps!

I felt the need to share with you, that I have just been attacked by my ironing board!  There I was, ironing away merrily when board took it upon itself to demolish mid shirt sleeve!  Down it toppled, dropping itself, rather heavily upon my tootsies!!  Ouch, brought tears to my eyes, it did.  Not to mention nearly taking my beloved steam iron out of action too (I couldn’t live without that these days!)  I am gutted about it really, as despite an abhorrence to almost anything domesticated I actually really love ironing!  Some may think I’m a mad women, but I find it incredibly relaxing.  In the end, I’ve had to spread out a towel and finish the pile off on the floor.  It’s left some creases in the shirts and even though I have hung them, I don’t think I can rest.  I will probably re-do them all when I get my new board later.  Hopefully this one doesn’t try to take me down too!

Before I got my steam iron!

Before I got my steam iron!

My mum absolutely hates ironing, admittedly I was never much a lover of it myself until I got married.  I used to prefer hanging things straight from the machine and hoping for the best.  It was only after taking those marvelous vows that I really got into it.  Husband loves his shirts you see (I’m rather partial to a Thomas Pink, myself) and so ironing really became unavoidable for meOnce I’d started, I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it.  I think it appeals to the perfectionist in me.  There is something about getting every last crease out of a shirt sleeve or the smoothing out and folding of boxers that gives me deep satisfaction!  I would iron socks if I could, I pacify myself by folding them into neat little rolls instead.  It’s all very sad I know, I don’t think I need treatment though.   I wanted to do shirts properly, a professional job, because to be frank I am from the “if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well” mold.  So I typed “how to iron a shirt professionally?” into You Tube and up popped this little marvel from the shirt makers TM Lewin.

The gentleman really does give some fantastic tips in ironing your shirts quickly and precisely.  It was after watching this that I purchased my steam iron and ironing really became a pleasure.  Gone where the days of going over the same trouser leg a million times only for it to still look like it had been crumpled up at the bottom of the laundry bin for weeks.  If you don’t have one I really recommend getting one.  If you don’t like ironing at all then I totally recommend paying someone to do it for you, because life is just too short to be doing things you hate, right?

Aside from ironing, I also have a small affliction for folding anything that can be folded and stacking things neatly.  I’m one of those people that turns tins in the cupboard the right way, folds my toilet paper ends into triangles (been known to do it in public loos!)  I fold my towels like those you find in a hotel (no, not swans or anything!  Just rectangles).  I think I like the uniformity of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be as messy as the next person, but I feel much more at peace in organised spaces.  If there are too many things around I sometimes feel like they are getting on top of me and trying to swallow me up!  Every so often I will have a big organising and de-cluttering session.  I feel so much better afterwards, like clarity has returned!  I think perhaps my love of not having too many things around (clothes, shoes and handbags aside of course!) stems from years of living out of a suitcase, travelling from place to place and basically living a fairly transient lifestyle.  I like everything to be as neat and tidy as possible so that I can put my hands on an item whenever required without the need to hunt through cupboards and delve through drawers to find it. 

I developed a great  love of organising and folding bedding in particular, when I was engaged in one of my former jobs (if I told you, I’d have to kill you).  There was often a lot of hustle, bustle and stress involved.  If you removed yourself from the kerfuffle to do this particular task, a calmness fell over you and all of that stuff just disappeared into the background.  I started to use the same techniques at home with my linen, there was one piece of bedding that always eluded me though!  The fitted sheet!  I could make it look moderately neat but never quite got it right until I discovered this revelatory video!

I particularly enjoy the example of the folded and unfolded sheet there!  Oh and the garden gnome in the corner! lol.  Oh joy of joys! I was super excited!  After years of struggling with these blighters my linen cupboard is finally a masterpiece of regulation rows!  Woe betide anyone who removes something and leaves it in a toppled mess!

The linen cupboard at my house, I look upon it in glee!!

The linen cupboard at my house, I look upon it in glee!!

I bet you are so glad that my ironing board attacked me!  Now you can all rest safe in the knowledge that you can handle sheets and shirts like a pro!  Your shirt cuffs will not be affected by wrinkles and your sheets shall be stacked in a most fulfilling symmetrical neatness!  Well, only if you’re that way inclined of course!  Next week, hospital corners!  Only joking!

Hope you found it useful.  Have you got any housekeeping traits that send others loopy?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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2 thoughts on “The attack of the ironing board!

  1. Margaret Tullock says:

    You are such a little domesticated goddess!!!! I can’t believe I’ve just spent part of my Friday evening learning how to iron a shirt!!! However, the tip on folding fitted sheets is good, must try that tomorrow but no doubt mine will still end up looking like a load of yuk!! Off to have some “me” time, love to you both
    Auntie Marg


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