Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 Campaign

Hello Lovelies!

Kate Moss is the star of the new Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 ad campaign.  Ms. Moss has just turned 40 and having gotten 25 years in the fashion industry under her belt is still going strong.  Why shouldn’t she be?  People seem to think it’s strange she should continue modeling at her age.  What age? she is no age at all!  In case anyone hasn’t noticed this world is full of people of all ages and we don’t just suddenly stop being interested in fashion at 40!  We need models that represent all age groups, people aren’t young and wrinkle free forever are they?!

Moss has walked the catwalk in many McQueen shows, most famously appearing as a hologram of a ghostly figure in A/W 2006.  Despite having close ties to the brand and the late McQueen himself, she has not appeared in a campaign for the British fashion house before now.

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 by Steven Klein

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S14 by Steven Klein

The campaign shot by Steven Klein (who has done a lot of work with Madonna) features Kate with strikingly coloured, cropped hair, clothed in Creative Director Sarah Burton’s designs.  Said to be inspired by the progressive art movements of the early 20th century, the collection features Leather, Metals, Kilts, Leggings and skyscraper chunky heels.

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 by Steven Klein

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 by Steven Klein

Ms. Moss is reminiscent of a gladiator in the shots, decked in leather tunics and gold arm bracelets.  She is pictured with a rather sinister looking ‘mini me’ doll that is styled identically, this links in with the themes of a short film, also by Klein, produced to accompany the campaign.  Shot in London’s East End the film is inspired by a 1960’s British movie entitled “Peeping Tom”.  The movie was a psychological thriller about a voyeuristic serial killer!  Hmm dark stuff.  You can see the short film here at the Alexander McQueen website, having seen it myself I can tell you it is pretty atmospheric, dark and a bit creepy really, but then this is a brand with a penchant for skulls.

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S14 by Steven Klein

Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen S/S 2014 by Steven Klein

I really love the colours in this shot, the way the gloomy dark blues contrast with the glisten of Kate’s skin.  The shards of light bounce of that bold hair colour and the gold bracelets jump out at you.  I kind of wish she would do something like this with her hair in real life, she has the bone structure to get away with it. 

As for the campaign itself, I actually quite like the darkness of it, the different textures all look rather luxurious and it makes a nice change from all the floaty pastels we have seen so far this year.  To see more of the RTW collection you can check out the pictures in here at Vogue, despite how it may seem in these shots there are actually some very wearable looking pieces.

Any thoughts?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


Image Credits

Steven Klein

Alexander McQueen


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