A walk in the Park


How are you all on this wonderful Sunday!  At least I certainly hope it is a wonderful Sunday for you.  I’ve not been outside yet so I am not sure what the weather is doing here, though I am reliably informed there is rain to quench the marvelous soils of home!

I have mentioned before that the hubster only has one day off a week (I might start a campaign #gingershusbandneeds2daysoffaweek) except I shouldn’t imagine we would have many supporters.  Especially not now, since the majority of people who tend to throw enthusiasm into that kind of thing are busy trying to free Justin Bieber or something.  What’s happening with him?  To be honest, I know zilch about anything to do with him.  I am far too old and since I don’t have any little teeny boppers yet I am just not exposed to that kind of thing.  Come to think of it, even if I did have a couple of teeny boppers I like to imagine that they’d inherit their mothers amazing taste in music.  They would at the very least shy away from listening to any songs containing inane lyrics!  My ears were recently polluted with something that went a bit like this “She can’t sing, she can’t dance but who cares she walks like Rhianna!!!!”.  Now I know that we have had songs with pretty dire lyrics in the past, but I personally don’t recall anything that so succinctly told young women of the world that there was no need to aspire to anything but perfecting how to walk like a pop singer in order to be successful in life and love!  Don’t get me started! 

I think it is pretty clear that I don’t really know much about the present day pop music scene.  I am stuck in a mid 90’s early 00’s time warp.  When I asked for new music recommendations recently, one of my Facebook friends advised that “there is absolutely no need to deviate from the musical time zone you are in”, so I’m sticking with it for now.  What I do know is that if Beiber has been breaking laws he should be punished accordingly no matter how many fans he has or how many records he sells.  Far too often we see so called celebrities breaking the law and getting just a wrap on the knuckles or a prison sentence that lasts 2 hours.  You have to ask yourself whether it would be the same treatment for us mere mortals? Rant over.

As you can probably tell my antibiotics and array of pharmaceuticals have kicked my sickness up the bum and I am feeling just tickety boo now! Due to the 1 day off business, our weekend has already come to an abrupt end and the week has already started again for us.  Despite feeling particularly knackered Husband came up trumps for me again yesterday with a trip to the park.  He makes all my dreams come true, he does!  I have been pestering for a while about wanting to get out  more on Fridays and that I wanted a park to walk in.  Given our present location this is not a particularly easy wish to fulfill.  Hubs did some asking around and with a bit of guess work on the directions front, we finally managed to pull up outside a park of some description!  Hoorah!  Though I was not particularly excited as I have learnt not to expect too much from places.  Hyde Park it was not, however, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Beautiful Palm Trees

Beautiful Palm Trees

Salam Park costs 5 Riyals each to enter which is about 80p, so it’s cheap as chips really even though I am not used to paying for a park!  There are numerous things to amuse all the family.  Lot’s of people had taken a picnic, blankets and chairs to make a day of it.  As it was our first visit we didn’t know what to expect and so hadn’t thought to bring anything like that,  Not to worry though as there were plenty of small snack stands offering hot food, ice creams, sweets and cold drinks.

One of the many snack huts to be found around the park

One of the many snack huts to be found around the park

We got a cone of freshly made Popcorn to walk around with, it was eaten before I managed to get a picture.  Popcorn in the park, a new experience! As is the norm here there is quite a community of stray cats.  They seem to be doing very well on people’s left over picnics as some of them were pretty huge, very bulbous heads!  Here is one cheeky cat that was spread-eagled under a tree, cooling off.

Monster sized Cats are just one of the many attractions at Salam Park

Monster sized Cats are just one of the many attractions at Salam Park

We had a lovely long walk under the tree lined pathways.  I was surprised by how big the park is.  There are plenty of open spaces, children’s play areas, a big boating lake, a road train, kids fair rides and Horses!!!  But women are not allowed to ride them!  That gets a big thumbs down from me obviously!


You are probably thinking that I would never have fitted on one of those wee pony’s anyway!  Well, there was a lovely big horse too.  I am always a bit skeptical about this kind of thing since you can sometimes find that the animals are not well looked after.  These  horses did look very well cared for though and the bridle way was immaculately clean.

The Big Horse

The Big Horse

My dream of riding a horse will just have to wait.  It’s probably better to go to a proper place for it really.  I am sure I will find one somewhere.

It was such beautiful weather and perfect for a good walk.  It was getting really busy when we left, the car park was rammed and all along the roadside was full of cars too.  So if you find yourselves out this way and in desperate need of a stretch of the legs and some fresh air, then I recommend you get down there early.  We plan to go next Friday morning with a bit of a breakfast picnic and leave just before the crowds start arriving at 1.00pm.

So what’s the verdict? Salam Park is definitely worth a visit if you are passing through or living here, particularly if you have kids.  Take a book to relax, make a few strides around the pathways, forget about the city for a couple of hours and fill the lungs with greenness!

Here is the location to find your way.

Have you been up to anything nice this weekend? 

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO



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