Is Rodney Trotter a style icon? The results……

Hello Dearies!

I’ve had a bit of a blogging break. Not intentionally, I just wasn’t feeling inspired this past week or so. Anyway, here I am back again, with a raging cold to boot! I hardly ever get sick (touch wood) So last week when my throat felt vaguely sore and my nose was a tad snotty in the mornings I didn’t think it would come to much.  Alas! this morning I have awoken with sticky red rimmed eyes and an immediate need to reach for the tissues.  I texted the husband “I am sick :-(” which cued a phone call wanting to take me to hospital (you can go to hospital with a cold here and no one actually thinks you are weird! The joys of private healthcare insurance) I told him I didn’t think any of that was necessary!! I can’t seem to shake off the whole, not bothering the Doctor unless you are really, really sick NHS mentality that I have been bought up with.  So, I have just decided to sweat it out in bed.  The heat is on 31 degrees, I’ve had some Panadol and I have my IPad Air, to which I have been joined at the hip since Christmas. Husband has unwittingly unleashed a social media addiction within me. IPhone has been banished and barely gets a look in these days, just so small and fiddly, the poor thing!

So here I am tucked up nice and snug with a box of Kleenex next to me, having a good read of a Magazine on said IPad! Yippee, finally I can read a magazine other than Woman and Home and without numerous pages torn out! I’ve just been reading some marvelous article or other when it occurred to me that I  had totally forgotten to reveal the outcome of my recent poll is Rodney Trotter a style icon?”  Now, I just know that you guys, must have been on tenterhooks all week,  unable to continue with normal life due to a desperate need to know the results.  Or perhaps most likely, you had also totally forgotten!  You can now all rest assured, the votes have been counted and the adjudicators are satisfied that there has been no vote rigging.  I can therefore exclusively reveal that……du du duuuuh…………!

Rodney Trotter

Turns out Rodders was ahead of his time people!  ‘Tis in fact true that he was a style god!  I am totally not surprised I mean he did rock a whole lot of plaid and camo.  Receiving 58% of the votes in his favour (Grr I’ve got a sticky F on the keyboard, how annoying is that!) 

So to prove it here she is, the Zara Checked Woollen Coat!


I’ve just looked online and it has gone down in price again to 29.99!  Gosh I hate that, don’t you?  Anyhoots, I’ve not worn it yet.  I don’t think throwing it over some Adidas Leggings in order to dash out in the rain to a spinning class counts nor does it justice.  If you want some ideas on how to style this beauty up then you could do no better than to have a looksy here at Sincerely Jules wearing it and looking a treat, she always looks amaze btw!  Thank you to my lovely wee friend Sally who very kindly sent me the instagram pics for inspiration.  I’m not sure I could personally get away with wearing a beany these days though.  I probably do have one in my parents loft somewhere, a relic of my Timberland Boot, Baggy Jeans wearing, East 17 loving teenage phase (taking beanies to the next level!).  OMG who remembers Kangol Berets? Crikey!  That’s a whole other story!

Anyone else got a cold?  Sniff, sniff!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


Photo Credit – BBC


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