Wednesday wants and wishes…………………pwetty pwease!!

Hello Lovelies!

Well here we are again, its the middle of the week!  I just don’t know where the time goes these days, do you?  It seems to flash past like a bolt of lightening and before I know it it’s the weekend again.  I must be having so much fun, time flying by and all that!  Husband only gets 1 day off a week at the moment, only just beginning to wind down and then needing to ping himself back up again, bless him.  Still, one mustn’t grumble as they say! (though I bet they get 2 days off!). 

Anyway, enough talk of my fleetingly short weekends.  Since I was spoilt at Christmas you may be inclined to think what more can that woman want?!  That I would not be wanting or wishing for anything just now.  Well, fortunately for both commerce and this regular weekly post that is sooooo not the case.  My previous wants and wishes may or may not have been fulfilled but there is always something new on the horizon to replace them.  Such is the nature of humans I guess?

This week I had a rather mammoth twitter session, gosh it really is quite an addictive thing.  You can spend hours on there, trawling through your followers, reading articles, looking at lovely pictures and discovering interesting businesses etc.  It was during this twitterthon that I discovered one of this weeks wants and wishes. I really must make myself a social media time limit though.  As much as I love it, there are other things I also need to spend time doing.  For example, you may be wondering how I am getting along with old Nicholas Nickleby? (Pleased to say, halfway through.  Much better progress than Bleak House!).  But enough of that!  What’s on this weeks wish list instead………….


When I saw these I just thought, what an excellent idea! (why didn’t I think of them? lol).  Personally, I love any item that can multi task and Blingbacks are not only jewelry for your shoes, they can also help to save your feet from pesky blisters!  I have lost count of how many times I have headed out all dolled up and returned home bedraggled in my stocking feet, weepy sores adorning both heels, Ouchy!  The mark of a good night out? or a symptom of what us women put ourselves through in the name of fashion?  I therefore applaud anything that can relieve me of some of the perils encountered when dancing (or walking for that matter) in stiletto’s.  Simply hooking onto the back of your shoes, the rubber lip of the Blingback provides a cushion between your heel and the rim of the shoe.  The jewels then dangle down the back of the shoe creating a whole new glamorous look for your heels.  I think these are ideal for adding a bit of bling to your outfit if you are heading perhaps to a wedding, the races or just a night on the razz.  I often have a budget to stick to and it doesn’t always stretch to new shoes so these are a great way to update an existing pair to go with whatever I am wearing.  They come in black or clear silicon (medical grade) so they can work with any shoe colour.  I have a wedding coming up in May, I want to recycle an outfit from the back of my wardrobe.  I don’t really want to buy any new dresses at the moment as I have so many I hardly wear.  I really hope I can make it back to the UK before then to pick myself up a pair of these to add a bit of sparkle to my look for the evening.

These are my faves from the styles available


I really love the interlocking circles and the Oval shaped designs (9.95 on Amazon at the moment).  Here’s a link to the website for stockists and online purchasing

A Tan

I know I said I was embracing my true colours for a change but I really would just love a spray tan at the moment.  Just to perk myself up a little bit from this dreary winter weather, you understand.  Of course, a trip to somewhere warm and sunny would be a better option but I am happy to settle for a bit of the fake stuff.  Just this once! promise, lol.  I’m not talking tangerine dream here, I just want a light misting for a dewy glow.  What can I say? I miss the scent of eau de biscuits from time to time.  Not to mention the orange elbows resembling wrinkly old elephant knees.  I have never found a way to overcome this, darn it.  Unfortunately or not depending on how you want to look at it, I haven’t found a spray tanning joint hither.  I may well therefore be forced to partake in this endeavour my good self.  To be honest, that’s the only thing putting me off arming myself with some of Boots finest at the moment.  Fake tanning myself was never one’s forte.  So alas, this wish shall just have to wait, for now.  Husband is breathing a sigh of relief as I type.  For some reason I don’t think he wants to be seen with a stinky stripy woman.

How do you update an outfit on a budget?  If you have any tips for fool proof tanning, please do share!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream XOXO


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