Is Rodney Trotter a style icon?

Hello Lovelies!

The weather here is a little grim, though not half as bad as I hear it is in the UK right now thank goodness! (I hope you are not affected).  We definitely need to wear a jacket for going out though as it’s really quite chilly, especially in the evenings.  It has been raining since last night and therefore the city roads are pretty flooded.  The air smells of worms and mud and I love it.

We did manage to stop by a few places yesterday before the downpour.  It was crazy busy!  There are sales galore.  I can never be bothered with all the pushing, shoving and jumble that sale time brings.  My eyes nearly always gravitate to the non sale items, a safe haven where peace and quiet prevails.  However, this does generally mean I tend to miss out on all the bargains!  Bummer!  I may perhaps venture back out one afternoon this week instead.  Afternoons tend to be a lot quieter than evenings, when it seems that every man, woman and child in the city descend upon the malls!!

I spotted this checked Zara jacket the other week when I was browsing for the clutch bags I featured in my previous post.  I was in two minds about it then and I still am.  It’s reduced in the sale and I am left wondering whether to venture into the throngs to buy this sucker or not.  I simply cannot decide if it’s a good look or whether it’s just too much Rodney Trotter circa 1980’s Only Fools and HorsesSo I am asking you guys to vote and give me your opinion.  Should this coat be a reason for me to run the gauntlet into the wilds of  Zara’s sale zone?  Should I grab a bargain for a change? Or should it be sent back in a time machine to it’s rightful owner in Peckham, London instead?  I will leave the vote open for a few days and let you know the outcome.

Zara Double Breasted Checked Woollen Three Quarter Length Jacket,  39.99 (originally 69.99), available at Zara.

Zara Double Breasted Checked Woollen Three Quarter Length Jacket, 39.99 (originally 69.99), available at Zara.

Is this Zara jacket a style must have or does it belong way back when in Rodders wardrobe?

Rodney Trotter from Classic Comedy Only Fools and Horses

Rodney Trotter rocking his checked jacket in classic comedy show Only Fools and Horses

Have you managed to grab any sales bargains?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo



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