Chicken, Leeks and Clutch Bags

Morning Peeps!

What have you lovely lot got planned for NYE?  In keeping with this years fairly quiet festivities, the Ginger and Cream household are not planning anything wild by any means.  I was going to cook a chicken and attempt a new recipe for cheesy leeks that sounds pretty yum.  However, we don’t have any milk in so that idea has gone out of the window, hitting the brick wall (erm, don’t ask!).  Instead it has been decided we shall take a jaunt out for some nice dinner instead.  When we come back home we may have a bop around the living room to something NYE appropriate and open our bottle of Golden Apple and White Grape Fizz.  We may try skyping our parents, should the information super highway be open and then we shall retire for the evening to our plump and comfy bed.  That’s right guys, we know how to live!!

What a change it makes from NYE’s gone by that have involved glamorous outfits, queuing for night clubs, paying over the odds for taxi’s (or not finding one at all!) and shivering dressed in lycra, sandaled feet ankle deep in snow!  Don’t get me wrong I shall make an effort for dinner of course, but I shan’t be bringing out the Spanx, the rollers or the St Tropez tonight (sniff, sniff and bottom lip out).  I love a good dress up and I am certainly overdue one, although I really don’t envy anyone heading out tonight.  These days I would rather have a big party at home with family and friends, if I could I would have a theme and of course an effort must be made by everyone.  Something like a Great Gatsby theme would be brilliant I reckon.

If my social calendar were slightly different tonight, it occurred to me that I, like many other ladies would be in desperate need of a decent clutch bag.  I don’t know about you but I seriously do not have enough evening bags.  Larger bags I have aplenty (well there is always room for some more of course!) but something a bit smaller and elegant is required to join my other item carrying babies.  So if you are off gallivanting this evening and haven’t yet thought about suitable luggage for your night time essentials then here is my pick of the best clutches available at my local mall (Please note I was not exactly spoilt for choice).  They are all from high street stores so I am pretty sure they or something similar will be available wherever you are too.  Please excuse the pictures, I was trying my best not to get asked to stop taking them.


Zara blood red zipped box clutch – excuse the sticky finger marks (it’s not from me I promise)


Loving Zara’s clutches at the moment

Red Box Zip Clutch – Zara

Zara have some lovely bags at the moment and at reasonable prices.  I really like the box style, gold edging and luxurious shiny finish on this one.   The blood red colour makes a nice change from black.  I think it is stylish, sophisticated and a great accompaniment to your LBD.

Nine West - Champagne Wishes clutch bag

Nine West – Champagne Wishes clutch bag

Champagne Wishes clutch – Nine West

Perhaps you can tell that I am kind of liking the box bags at the moment.  This one was available in red, blue and black.  I think it is classic and won’t date.

Zara leather and fur evening bag

Zara leather and fur evening bag

Leather and fur evening bag – Zara

I really like the shape of this it’s kind of reminiscent of Art Deco styles.  The texture is a nice touch if you are looking to get away from leather.  I might just purchase one myself.


New Look – Pink and Gold Clutch

Pink Clutch – New Look

This will add a nice pop of colour to your outfit.  It looks quite soft and squidgy.  As much as I like box clutches I still really love slouchy ones too.  Burberry Prorsum have some lovely ones at the moment that also have a long strap so you can still use them during the daylight hours.  I love this one in particular.

So that in my opinion was the best of the bunch!  Luggage sorted, I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a fantastic new year!

What have are you doing to celebrate?  Have you got your outfit planned and ready?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo



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