359 Days left till Christmas!!

Christmas Time Festivities aplenty

Christmas Time Festivities aplenty

Hello Everyone

I do hope everyone had a lovely, joyous Christmas this year and you are sufficiently stuffed.  I have been reliably informed that it is a mere 359 days left until next years gift giving and food munching shenanigans!  Oh well, plenty of time then to diet, save and stock up those cupboards to groaning point etc.  Though they do say that time flies, just like Father Christmas.  Perhaps you are one of those super organised souls and buy all you need for a fabulous Christmas in the Boxing Day sales?  I have been known myself to purchase a few things such as cards and wrapping paper in a bid to keep the coffers fuller come the festive period.

Christmas was a fairly quiet occasion for me and husband.  It featured a great deal of chocolate consumption, movie watching and pickled onions, which, as everyone knows are a prerequisite for any enjoyable Christmas Day!  My previously described case of lazyitus has lingered on until today.  I am so glad to have finally shaken it off and become a fully functioning and productive human being again.  I did manage to shirk this particularly insistent condition for long enough to roast us up a Duck for our Christmas feast, though sadly the Yorkshire puddings didn’t make it (think, rather flat and hard, handy for launching at heads of people who don’t appreciate how stressful it is trying to keep all the elements of a roast dinner warm enough to serve together!!).  I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe and our quacker was actually rather tasty.  I was quite impressed with myself really given it was my first attempt.  It made a nice change from Turkey, though I hear the weather is good  there at this time of year.

Husband was suffering from a case of the Man Flu and Bronchitis therefore much fussing of him was on the menu.  Despite his sickness, I am pleased to announce that he may well have beaten the world record for eating the most amount of Choco Pies in one sitting (Anyone know who to inform?).  He even discovered that if you eat one with a Ferrero Rocher it is super tasty and extra chocolaty.  Food pioneer extraordinaire!!  I should add that he also managed to spoil me rotten with gifts out of my imagination, so he is a real trooper.

The rest of our day was spent with Mr Harry Potter, as we are currently on a Hogwart’s Marathon and attempting to get through all 7 movies.  This follows our previous movie marathons of The Godfather Trilogy, all the Indiana Jones’s and The Lord of The Rings.  “What’s that you say?”  “Bored?  Absolutely Not!!” lol.  To be honest at the moment one of the most enjoyable things is snuggling up with a book or a movie.  I think I am in hibernation mode, either that or we are getting old.  Pipe and slippers on next years Christmas list.  If you hurry, you might just be able to grab us some in this years sales!

Anything exciting happen during your Christmas Celebrations?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo

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6 thoughts on “359 Days left till Christmas!!

    • gingerandcream says:

      I think it is, I’ve had a bad case of it for about a year! lol. But you know, tomorrow is a New Year so fingers crossed I get a whole lot more productive! A roaring fire! I couldn’t think of anything more lush, this time of year! Enjoy. xxx


  1. Margaret Tullock says:

    Thank you for reminding us how close Christmas is!!! Another lovely read from our delightful and beautiful niece.
    Auntie Marg xx


    • gingerandcream says:

      Family is the best! Gym? Well done you! I so need to start again, this is the longest period I have gone without some form of exercise! I think you can guess what one of my new years resolutions will be! Lol, that’s if I made them of course ;-0


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