Wednesday wants and wishes……..Pwetty Pwease!!!


Happy middle of the week everyone!

After last Wednesday’s wants and wishes post I was asked by a friend to include more fashion pieces on ginger and cream.  So I thought I might make Wednesday wants and wishes a regular thing.

This week I am extremely ecstatic to reveal that one of my previous wants and wishes has become a reality.  Yes, my Celine dream has finally come true.  After years of lusting after one of Celine’s coveted handbags I am now the proud owner of this piece of beautifulness.  May I present Celine Trapeze in Dune (Fall 2013)…….

Isn't she a beauty?

Isn’t she a beauty?

My Husband and I had become regular visitors to our local Celine Store.  Each week I could be spotted inside sniffing the bags (only joking, I didn’t sniff them but I did pick them up often and hold them longingly!!).  My husband has a habit of asking me if I like something?  If I say yes he tells me “buy it, buy it”.  More often than not I would like to buy, but I prefer to restrain myself and give purchases (especially if it is an investment piece!) some careful consideration.  And so, the Sales Assistants at Celine came to know us and chat with us as we where in there so often.  On more than one occasion they got their hopes up for some commission, only for me to say “I’ll think about it” once again, leaving everyone disappointed.  The problem was I wanted a Mini Luggage, but they just didn’t have any colours that I thought I could get the most wear out of.  If we were paying so much for it then I wanted to not be limited on what I could wear it with.

I had almost given up on finding my perfect bag when, last week my Husband received a text message from the guys at the store to say there was a 30% discount on selected items.  Off we went one evening to check the sale out.  I wasn’t hopeful at all in finding anything and had pretty much already settled in my mind that it would probably be just another Handbag holding session.  I would try them out in the mirror, sigh, put them back on the shelf, smile at the Sales Assistants and say “I’ll think about it”.  They would smile back through clinched teeth thinking “is this woman ever going to stop stalking our store and buy something??”.  We would go home empty handed.

I have to say at this point, fair play to those guys in the store in not giving up on me as a time waster.  They were still as helpful and attentive on our 20th visit as they were on our 1st.  I asked about the availability of certain colour’s in the Mini Luggage, but they were not in stock.  It looked like I was not destined to become a Celine owner after all (sniff, sniff, no not the bags, the sad face and bottom lip sniff, sniff).  All of a sudden, like someone had waved a magic wand there appeared new bags from the stockroom.  I have to say I was still not impressed with the colours of the Mini Luggage but, I did find this baby and I immediately knew it was the one!!!  I feel in love with it!  My face lit up and as soon as my Husband asked me if I liked it and said “Buy it, Buy it” for once I found myself saying yes!  Here it is in all it’s glory.  I am a very lucky lady indeed.

Celine Trapeze in Dune

Celine Trapeze in Dune

Of course, as women know already and as mentioned in my “shopping up a storm” post, this purchase cannot simply be put down to frivolous luxury.  Oh no! It has to be justified and has been done so by myself, thus “it’s for last Christmas, my birthday, my anniversary and this Christmas all rolled into one”, “it’s an investment”, “it’s a classic, it will never go out of fashion”, “if I’m skint someday, I can sell it”. lol

So pleased with my bag

So pleased with my bag

Now of course, it is a question of what to wear it with?  I think it works well with my Burberry Trench, it will also work with denim and anything black, cream, beige or even red.  To be honest I know some of the other colour options are a lot more now, but I think there are so many more outfits that this bag can go with.  Making the cost per wear more reasonable in my eyes. 

with my Burberry Trench

with my Burberry Trench

I have been on a fashion induced high all week.  Husband declared he wished he had got me one sooner, in view of the fact he makes my dreams come true, kisses have been increased considerably.  The only problem with crossing an item off your fashion wish list is that it is inevitably replaced by something else and rather quickly I might add.  Unfortunately for Husband Celine is still not officially crossed off either, because technically speaking it was a Mini Luggage I was after.  Now I am also hankering after these equally gorgeous items…………I wonder if these wishes will come true?

Denim Shirt with contrasting silk collar - Massimo Dutti

I think this Denim Shirt with contrasting silk collar from Massimo Dutti is lovely

I really love this Denim Shirt with contrasting silk collars and cuffs from Massimo DuttiIt will look great with so many things and is a really good smart casual option.  I want this for travelling in, I always like to look super smart for air travel darlings.  Massimo Dutti has some lovely stuff, I nearly always want to buy most of the shop whenever I go in.  For some reason this store brings out my urge to want to dress as a horse rider.  Tally Ho and all that.

Valentino Leather Rockstud Pumps from

Love, Love, Love these Valentino Leather Rockstud Pumps from

I am seriously lusting after these amazing Valentino Rockstud Pumps available from Stylebop.comNot least, because I think they will go so well with my new Trapeze baby.  I think they will also finish off any LBD nicely and go equally well with skinnies or a rolled up pair of boyfriend’s. 

What’s on your fashion wish list this week?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo

Photos – Ginger and Cream, Massimo Dutti,



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