A night at the museum

A night at the museum

A night at the museum

Well hello to you!

Following my musical musings of last week.  I realised that I was desperate for some culture.  I absolutely love art galleries, but so far I didn’t find one hither, so I made do with a trip to the museum.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like to explore museums too, it’s just that for me I need to be really interested or connected to the subject matter to enjoy them fully.  I was in Washington a few years back and toured an exhibition of the inauguration gowns of America’s First Ladies in five minutes flat.  I don’t know much about American presidents and their wives you see, although I did once read a biography on Jackie Kennedy.  I spent a couple of minutes looking at her dress and a few more at Michelle Obama’s and the others passed by in a blur.  Had it been a gathering of former Queens of England gowns, I may have lingered longer, only because I know more about them.

Suffice to say I expect you have also visited many museums and found that the most enjoyable experiences are of the ones you can personally connect  with on some level.  I wasn’t really hoping for much from our visit to the national museum other than a stretch of the old legs.  Though, I do confess I was slightly eager to breathe in some museum dust and fill my blood stream with much needed particles of culture.  I was sick of watching rubbish reality TV and Eastenders (David Wicks and Shirley Carter may be back, but it isn’t making up for my dislike of Dexter, Joey, Sadie, Carl, Lauren’s new piece……..I’m holding out for Danny Dyer to join it might make them all more bearable).

You can visit the museum at night here and so we thought that might be an interesting experience in itself.  Perhaps the artifacts will come alive and delight us with a guided tour!  Sadly, Ben Stiller was not there in his high waisted trousers and the Large Mammal didn’t so much as rattle a bone.  What we did find was a bus load of Korean tourists, a vast array of evening picnickers, child cyclists and rollerbooters.  Safe to say it was a fairly lively affair in the museum grounds, which seemed to also include a park.  Having picked our way through we purchased our 10 Riyal tickets and went inside for a nose.

A Meteorite found in the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia

A Meteorite found in the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia

The first thing you see is this big meteorite that was found in what is known as the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia.  It leads you into the first hall which is about the beginnings of the universe.  The museum is split into several halls each with a different time period that takes you through history up until the formation of the present Saudi state.


I thought this fossil was very pretty

There are a lot of different fossils, ancient tools and pots that have been excavated over the years in different areas of the country.


Mammal, didn’t come alive at night unfortunately

Gosh, they don’t half tell fibs in movies!  This guy didn’t come alive at night time at all, he didn’t so much as rattle a bone!

Early writing and drawings of man

Early writing and drawings of man

It was quite interesting to see some of the early etchings of man on rocks that have been carefully moved to the site.

Intricately carved doors

Intricately carved doors

There are examples of decoration from different time periods.


Example contents of an old house


Typical interior of an old home


Weapons used for battle

We passed an hour or so here, there were only a few other people touring around at the same time as us, it was like having the whole place to yourself.  I personally would like to know more about the people of Saudi Arabia and their culture.  I could do with less about the rocks and stones.  There is only so many much of that you can look at unless your Ross from friends.  But hey, the museum is catering to everyone and not just little old me!

So what’s the verdict?  I’m not sure that I personally learnt anything new about Saudi Arabia or the culture here, which is what I was really looking for.  However, it is worth a visit for something different to do on a weekend evening.  There are some interesting, informative displays and if you don’t know much at all about the country and it’s history then you will certainly come away richer in knowledge.

If you are passing through or living here and would like to visit, then you need to check the museum website for information about opening times for families and singles.  http://www.nationalmuseum.org.sa/index.aspx

Do you have a favourite museum somewhere in the world?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo



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