Wednesday wants and wishes, Pwetty Pwease!!!

Zara Cobalt Top and Patterned Slim Legs


This week I was having a good old mooch around Zara and found a rather marv and completely on trend cobalt blue top and patterned slim leg trousers.  Zara is really good at doing the key trends of the designers at a fraction of the price.  I particularly love the clean simple tailoring they often do.  You can mix items from Zara with designer pieces to achieve an overall look without breaking the bank.  Well, maybe just denting it slightly!  I didn’t want to buy these straight away as I wanted to sleep on it, but I am heading back later to pick them up.  Hope they fit or someone’s bottom lip will drop accompanied by much stamping of feet.  Only joking, I am not that spoilt.  A diet may be in order though.  Trousers are often a bug bear but that’s a story for another day.

Zara Top and Slim Leg Trousers

Zara Top and Slim Leg Trousers

Here is a close up of the pattern detail on the trousers.  The material is lovely, the kind you that know will give a flattering fit.

Close up of the pattern detail

Close up of the pattern detail

I think there is plenty of wear in this outfit both together and separately.  The top for example can go with black skinny’s or perhaps be tucked into a black pencil skirt for a work wear look, a black leather pencil skirt would be fab.  The trousers you can wear with a black vest, slouchy blazer and a pair of Pigalle Pumps for an evening look.  During the day a nice chunky cream knit and a pair of loafers can take you around the shops very stylishly.

Are you enjoying this trend yourself?  Are you a big Zara fan?

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo



2 thoughts on “Wednesday wants and wishes, Pwetty Pwease!!!

  1. Sally says:

    I love Zara, especially their leggings ( I don’t wear much else apart from leggings or that bloody uniform!!) they are great quality and fit lovely! Also suck you in that little bit to make u feel slightly lighter! However just a day ago I got my boyfriend a leather man bag from Zara and on the price tag it said €69, (I was in London tho!) then when I got to the till they charged me £79!?! Bit of a high mark up I think!? However I still love it and I absolutely love the outfit you have picked up. I also enjoyed the blog as usual x


    • gingerandcream says:

      You do not need sucking in Sally dear! The price of the man bag is a little on the high side for Zara, though it is leather and no doubt 10 times less than the equivalent from a designer. In my opinion man bags should remain at 79 smackerooneys so that Sally can have many lady bags at 1000 +. 😉 lol.


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