Having a moment with…..music

Hello and good day to you!

Every once in a while, as I am trundling through this life of mine, I have a moment when something just makes me stop suddenly in my tracks.  Knocks the wind out of my  bedraggled sails and takes my breath away!  It’s almost as if I am lifted out of myself and suspended, frozen in mid-air.  Looking at the world below with fresh eyes, embracing the beauty of things around me, opening up my brain and allowing things to soak in.  Floating along, my worries and woes gently ooze out from within and the clouds have lifted.  Emerging from the cocoon it’s like I have reawakened with a new-found clarity and realisation of exactly what’s important and how I want my life to be.

Words, spoken, sung or written, music, a piece of art, the natural landscape, the acts of others can all trigger this marvelous and often much-needed event to occur.  Bogged down in what we or others think our life should be about, judgement becomes clouded.  These moments serve to remove all that bumf, leaving me with a re-ignited passion for life and well, just being me again.  I had two such moments this week and consequently I am feeling rather wonderful because of them.  One of them was caused a movie, a real weepie (I may talk about this another time…..) another was from the wonderful music of Bill Ryder Jones that thought I would share with you.

Bill was the lead guitarist in The Coral from 1996 until 2008 when he left the band.  Since then he has been working on his own projects that include the scores to several short films and two albums.  His first album entitled  “If” was released in 2011 and is a musical adaptation of the novel “if on a winter’s night a traveler” by Italo Calvino.  It was recorded in the Merseyside area, of which Bill is a native and most of the tracks feature the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bill’s second album “A bad wind blows in my heart” was released earlier this year, is a collection of guitar and piano based songs.  A departure from its predecessor, his musical arrangement and composing talent is evident along with burgeoning singer songwriter skills.

Ryder Jones plays numerous instruments notably the guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, ukulele and drums.  He has also collaborated with many other acclaimed musicians such as Arctic Monkeys and Graham Coxon.

Only 30 years old, bags of talent and from my neck of the woods!!  I hope you like the music, by the way, if you have eclectic taste buds like me you might like to check out the domino recordings channel on you tube they have a real mixed bag of artists on the label, some quite interesting and much less mainstream that the drivel that often pollutes the airways these days.

I’m off to do some drawing with my newly refreshed eyes and an open heart!

Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo


Do you ever experience these moments?


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