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Twerking, Tweeting and Tarte Tatin!

Oh my! What a week it’s been!  All that time, 7 whole days, with 24 whole hours in each and I have possibly surpassed myself with managing to achieve as little as possible with it!  I don’t know about you but my weeks always start off with lists as long as your arm of what I want to cram into them.  When it comes down to it though most of the time all I have to show for it is dust free floors, fresh smelling bed linen and a miniscule pile of ironing!  You might consider this quite an achievement in itself perhaps?  But considering the list started with lose 5 kilos, complete Insanity workout daily, find a job, learn a language and find a suitable Master’s Degree to engage my mind in, then perhaps you won’t?  This week I even managed to lose a whole day!  I really thought Thursday was Wednesday, convinced of it, couldn’t believe I had missed it!  Where did it go……..?

I just find it incredibly hard to stay focused.  Having a quick look at something online at breakfast can often result in me looking at the clock, gasping at the time and having to get a wriggle on to make the lunch! 

This week at the suggestion of the hubster, I attempted something akin to a time management schedule.  It lasted two days and I actually really enjoyed it to be honest, it gave me a real sense of purpose and I felt motivated.  By Tuesday however, it was out the window as the Misters lunch time visiting schedule is somewhat erratic and rather annoyingly he was throwing me off course on my times!!  It ended in a phone call “Don’t tell me to make a schedule, when you can’t stick to your own!!”

So back to the drawing board it seems! Schedule abandoned for now, though I did take something from the experience and will no doubt revisit it again in the future.

So where did Wednesday go you might ask?  Well, probably somewhere between twerking, tongues and tweets no doubt!  Here’s my weekend waffle.


Miley Cyrus’ so called performance at the MTV Video Music Awards had people in uproar about everything from her barely there threads to her shattering the innocence of a foam finger.  Resulting in the man credited with first using the finger in 1971, Steve Chmelar, telling Fox Sports that Cyrus had “took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it!”

Now, I just had to see what all the fuss was about, which it can hardly be argued, was probably the whole point.  So onto You Tube I popped and sure enough lots and lots of Miley related VMA posts.  Well, what a kerfuffle, to be honest I am not sure what it was other than a big old mess!  Robin Thicke dressed as Beetlejuice, too much flesh, PVC, zero choreography, a hairstyle that channeled Bjork circa 1993 (It was not dissimilar to my early experiences of night clubbing, minus the Foam Finger of course!) 

My goodness what an assault on the eyes and ears it was.  To be honest the thing I found most unfortunate was the tongue, I don’t know if you have seen it?  It’s certainly been difficult to avoid it since!  It was just weird and not in a weird and wonderful way.  Miley didn’t anyone every tell you to “put your tongue away”? I don’t want to see it again; if I do I will be hoping the cat will get it!!

And another thing! why do all these female songstresses feel the need to wear only their knickers in public these days?  Personally I prefer to leave something to the imagination and let talent speak for itself.  I might be getting old but give me SUBO over this stuff any day!


This is apparently what MC was trying to achieve by sticking her bum in the air and waving it around like she just don’t care!  This week the so-called dance craze was entered into the Oxford Dictionary Online


Definition – dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance

“twerk it girl, twerk it”

origin – 1990s and is perhaps an alteration of the word work.

Given the definition I am not entirely sure the word is being used appropriately to describe and report what MC was doing during that performance.  (Pulls a Wallace and Gromit face)

Personally, my favourite addition to the dictionary


Definition – a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations

anyone with five minutes to spare, a Maths GCSE, and a calculator could have averted the entire omnishambles by checking the civil servants’ sums”

Origin – early 21st century: from omni- + shambles, first used in the British satirical television series The Thick of It

But then I do love The Thick of It


I love Twitter!  I’m not a prolific tweeter but I find it an invaluable resource for someone living away from home comforts.  I know about things in my home town before the people living there know about them.  I absolutely don’t use twitter to look up celebrities accounts and gawp at their photographs (ahem!!  I don’t, honestly!  Well maybe I do but no one from TOWIE, I promise!) 

Seriously though, mostly I use twitter to keep abreast of what’s going on and find out about local businesses that offer products that are of interest to me.  However this week my twitter feed was alive with a series of tweets about something kind of gross!  A 25-year-old blocked pore to be precise!  I follow Caitlin Moran (A British Writer) and Lily Cooper (Formerly Lily Allen) their respective twitter Feeds sparked a smattering of posts about all manner of bodily squeezables, including a video detailing the removal of the blocked pore. 

Well, rather like when you find yourself afflicted with a large custard spot and you know full well you should leave it alone, I just couldn’t resist it!  And so, it was back onto You Tube to have a look at some poor woman’s back (at least I hope it was her back?) being poked and prodded with the back-end of a needle by a woman who you could just tell was enjoying every minute of this picking process.  It took 6 whole minutes to remove something that resembled a petrified tree from this person’s skin, squealing and much elation ensued.  Like almost everyone else on Twitter I asked myself why I just spent 6 minutes watching someone squeezing a giant blackhead. 

Conclusion – Perhaps it says something meaningful about the state of the world we live in?  I think it’s just that, like most women, I secretly love picking and squeezing gross things. Shush!!!

Throw anything in Tarte Tatin

Recently I have gotten majorly into cookery programmes, particularly this year’s Celebrity Masterchef.  Inspired by the presenter John Torode’s recent demonstration of a Spiced Fig Tarte Tatin and some fruit in the fridge that was keeping me awake at night with thoughts of what to do with, I decided to give myself a challenge and have a go!  I have eaten Tarte Tatin many times but never attempted to make it.  After a few minor mishaps with the sugar caramelisation process, resulting in hubby taking trips to the garden to find corners to pour sticky mess into, I managed to perfect it!  I didn’t have any figs so hence the title of throw anything in tarte tatin!  In this case I had a few very juicy plums and an orange that had been around for weeks.  So I threw that lot in and covered it in some homemade rough puff pastry, again another first!  Voila a revelation!  Eaten warm with some vanilla ice cream, delish!  I recommend having a go at it.  A nice alternative to a fruit crumble.

I shall try to post the recipe soon.

As you can see it’s really not surprising that I missed a complete day, with this list of highly important happenings! 

 I may not have completed my list, yet again!  I may have lost a complete day to today’s trivial world!  But I did manage to achieve some things that may be considered admirable.  I laughed and had wonderful conversations with my Husband. I created something incredibly tasty with my own pale hands.  I learned that I can push my body to trot a whole 6km and I didn’t create an omnishambles! They might not be rocket science achievements, but I’m proud of them.

 Did you achieve anything you’re proud of this week?

 Peace and Love

Ginger and Cream xoxo


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